Thursday, September 14, 2006

To my man, with lots of love!
I'm in a very nostalgic mood right now.. call it nostalgic? no!!! its that state of mind when i need no reason to cry,whine,be sad,sport a sombre look and spoil everything!
I've been lying down restlessly for quite sometime and my mind is full of thoughts about my grandpa with whom i've spent close to 14 years which i would anyday consider invaluable... those years were full of life and i cherish everyone of those happy moments..So i thought i could just write down everything thats in my mind right now...
Born to working parents, mother who goes to work everyday and dad working abroad.. most of my life time was spent with my grandparents... my grand mother used to be preoccupied with her kitchen chores but my grandpa was that simple retired govt servant who was completely contented with his past, present and future life and coolly lie in his easy-chair telling tales from his life.. he believed 'success' is wat we define and if we think we've done justice to our conscience, then we're successful.. as a child, i grew up listening to a lot of interesting conversations between my grandpa and his daughters,who had lots to talk right from getting a farm house in the village or a living space in the city or investing his pension money thoughtfully! he just thought about nothing, hence wasn't worried about anything..all he knew was his morning cup of coffee...a lot of scoldings from his wife.. ha ha..morning walk.. meeting a lot of people.. not everyday do we come across people who can talk to a 4 year old kid for ten minutes, the apartment security, the iron-wala, and his usual gang of friends who were enjoying their 'second-childishness'... his was wat i call life.. the waiter in saravana bhavan still knows me as his grand daughter only, everyday when my grandpa used to go there for his evening's second cup of coffee,every waiter there would come and talk to him.. and a lot of 'thathas' of his age used to talk a lot of wonderful stuff, which i don't know where to find today...
while he returns home from his evening walk, he would invariably be offered a lift by somebody from the autowala to somebody owning a car!
He never found an excuse to stay at home...was too energetic a man, for his age,he used to walk to all places.. to the bank,market,saravana bhavan which all counted to his everyday visits!
one other thing was his passion for education.. he used to be so proud when he says 'my elder daughter is qualified in English lit. and my younger daughter in Electronics.. a proper blend of arts and science!' he was too proud about me too.. and everytime i win a proficiency prize or anything,he would be enthusiastically telling people around about it!
A lot of things, i wish, i acquire from him.. his simplicity, activeness, enthusiasm.. so much more! he taught me wat life was, wat living was, he made me understand wat death meant, wat separation meant..... so much so that, six years after he left me, here i am spending a sleepless night thinking about the lovely lesson called life he had taught me! the sorrow of separation doesn't wither off with time, it just becomes a part of life!

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

I don't know if i should call it coincidence or an answer to my previous blog post... I was on a month long internship in Delhi.. a development communication internship... been travelling quite a lot...was in delhi,UP,gujarat and ya my dear own tamilnadu....... over all it was nice.. got to spend my birthday in gorakhpur.. my first birthday away from home.. forget my birthday, I've been continuously missing a lot of my friends' birthdays.. time to wish all of them..... a big sorry to my dear dosth pranshu.. I was in a remote village in nagapattinam on your birthday! better belated than never... Happy birthday dosth, my dear jammy boy! hope you had a wonderful day as usual at the ever beautiful jammy! I couldn't come up with a good birthday card for you as you do but here are lots of lovely wishes for a very good friend,a caring listener,an admirer, a very very creative excellent photographer..i should say your cam should be proud of you! gosh! this is becoming a testimonial for you, pranshu! I wanted to do something very big rather than just apologise and wish you.. that is the reason i still haven't called you up to wish ;) after all dosthni isn't all that creative as her dosth ;) so here is a simple "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOSTH"
and another birthday wish.... to the naughtiest angel, prettiest devil, cutest brat, loveliest enemy, my dear rotten fish ;) and most adorable chudant sonali! sweety, wish you a fantastic birthday dear... ! an oxymoron of sorts, she is... people get lost in her charming looks only to talk to her for five more minutes to understand wat a brat she is!! hey crazy rotten fish.. luv you so much*(conditions apply) ;)
Happy birthday sonali!!

Something tells me i'll be back to blogging...... woman's intuition?! ;)

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