Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Face is the index of mind, they say! i guess god had just this sentence in mind when he created me... for every little thought process in my mind has got 100% reflection on my it deep thinking or happiness or a silly mood off or even the slightest disappointment... my face has it etched neatly in a clear cut manner so that every damn person under the sun (and moon too!!) can understand! you wouldn't believe me.. i admire people who can just hide their anger, tears and just get away with it.. that quality is to be appreciated i feel! Freedom of expression.. ya right! if i'm angry i'm angry.. i cannot stand a second more at that place!
earlier i used to be so adamant.. and yell at people who come and talk to me.. now i've just learnt to get away.. may be its because i attach too much importance to unnecessary things!

i don't know where this post is heading... i'm thinking if i should really post this! wat the heck.. my blog.. and its my life! i'll post this.. for me to come and read it again and enjoy tomo!!!

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

uh?!?! a new post?

sometimes you tend to do things not going by your thoughts but by just how they happen... wat i am trying to say here is... i just landed here by mistake ;) i visited my blog and the rest just happened... and here is a new post!
hey finally i saw Rang De Basanthi! movie reviews and me... good joke! ha ha... a good break..rather a much needed break from so many work piled up over my head... there is no question of finishing them and enjoying... i'l have to learn to live with them and enjoy simultaneously.....
will be on a one day trip to cuddalore tomo to do a news magazine in a day!!!should be a very useful trip..
watever be it i just love you allllll so much.. you all've always been tooooo good...too loving to me!

Posted by sree at 8:44:00 PM
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