Monday, May 17, 2004

Blogging lull or writers block or my laziness or emptiness of my brain or wotsoever however you call it, this place would not be bestowed with my invaluable words atleast for this month!
hope to see you all fresh again in June!! Until then take care and keep reading my archives with a smile:P

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Saturday, May 08, 2004

I got up from my bed 2mins before my brother did! because whoever gets out of the bed last has to roll the bed n put aside the pillows and all! this is the latest rule enforced by my mom from the start of this vacation. when i knew my brother would be out of the bed, i jumped off!
when he was actually engrossed in the newspaper, i slowly sneaked into the shower. the water supply would stop at around 11 and if i were to allow him first, i'll have to switch on the motor again, wait for another half-an-hour n it means much more work with the motor!
there I go!
my mom had made three rotis n they're inside the casserole! i slowly opened it, ate two of them n closed it again! because if I were to eat the 3rd one, I had to wash the casserole as the maid had already left...:P
I go to the can to have some water and there was very little water left in it. again if i were to drink that, i'll have to call up the water supplier for a new can:P So managed to drink some water from the kitchen (not from the can:P)
My aunt came to me n asked
Aunt: unnoda vandi free-a irukka? (Is your scooty free now?)
Me: irukku, ana petrol illa!(its free, but no petrol)
Aunt: (gives one *very brilliant* kind-of look)
Mom: aprom, nee epdi college pore? (then, how'll you go to college?)
Me: i've got enough for going to the petrol bunk...chithi, nee fill pannidu please(chithi, plz fill it for me)*paavun look @ chithi*
(aunt understands and leaves)
(i slowly try to slip into one of the rooms n put an end to that discussion...but :(
Mom: sree...@#$, u r growing up to the height of laziness! if there comes an emergency need for your vehicle, what will you do? u slowly stopped washing it and now, u've grown so lazy that you don't care to even fill fuel for your vehicle! .....(continues)
Me: (very very pavum look) amma, I thot i'll save petrol money n go by bus! with the saved money, I thought i'll get a sweet gift for u...tomorrow is mother's day ma!
Mom: :P..edhavadhu sollu nee! (u tell me something!)
Me: now tell me , do you need a mother's day gift?
Mom: neeyum unnodu giftum..po:)(u and your gift!) u try becoming orderly n that would make me happy!
Me: nane unnode periya gift ma (I'm u'r biggest gift);) you need a better gift?:P
(amma smiles!*job accomplished:P*)
ufff!!! so much for not filling I so lazy as my amma feels? a point to be pondered about day and night!
Mother's day was just a reason mentioned to her! Do you all feel there is a need for a separate day for celebrating the love of mom...for all that she does one day is definitely not enough! This lazy daughter luvs you amma, everyday, every minute! muahhh:)

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Friday, May 07, 2004

Why does it always happen with me? god knows! blog is totally screwed up...i don't wanna crap it up more...i'll leave it as it is!

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

its raining thoughts!
I was pretty amazed seeing the civic exnora vehicle today. it had two partitions and the person was collecting recyclable and non-recyclable wastes separately. thats a wonderful step taken by the corporation of chennai along with civic exnora. it is sure to help everyone of us put a full-stop to the ever growing pollution in the city.
At these times, I feel, Government is nothing but us, yeah, all of us! And politics does not confine itself to silly politicians, absurd election campaigns, atrocious elections and the rotten-stunt scenes in the parliamentary houses. Politics is something more.
Government is by and for the people!
on a different note, its Radio Mirchi's 1st anniversary in chennai!! wow! wow!! I'm happy!
its raining cats and dogs in chennai (of course people too:P)....pouring it is, for the past two days!! and i got drenched completely on both the days:D
wot else, i just felt like writing something...and hence this post!

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