Saturday, May 06, 2006

Becoming a very responsible journalist was never my aspiration... or rather becoming anything wasn’t my ambition at all... it was always the most comfortable answer I had for those perennial… wat do you aspire to become? And rite from my schooling… the most common answers doctors et engineers... never caught my admiration! I remember when one guy... a school kid at that age... from my class... right! Deepak… broke the monotony and answered… “I want to become a police… I want to serve the nation… make the nation free from corruption!”… that was a very revolutionary reply.. at least to me and my class mates who were sinking in the monotony! He received good applause and there I was waiting for my chance…. And my mind busy thinking of an answer that would be appreciated by my teacher! Then on police also became part of the regular answers! And hurray my chance came at last… the teacher asked me the same question and I had an answer… a very novel answer… I want to become a journalist... and the class applauded my answer too!! :D but my teacher had something else in store.. she asked me how are you going to become a journalist? And to be very frank…I didn’t know there exists a special course for journalism… I had no clue how people became journalists... and wat was the job of a journalist was another question mark! Why on earth did I choose to give out this answer.. I could’ve followed suit… answered police and coolly forgotten it immediately! But I just gave a very stoooopid answer.. I said I’d go to college and study B.Sc.Journalist…. lol!! The last thing I expect anybody to say today! It didn’t stop there… the teacher asked us to write five steps we would take to achieve our ambition… and that was when I knew what journalism meant as a career…

It was all over long long back! But today again when I’m left with no internship and I sit back and think as to what I’m going to take up as a long-lasting career… journalism still shines before me as a very promising option!! After the video magazine, my interest towards television news has grown so much… I really wish I find a television internship soon!! The real thought of getting a job and working everyday… meeting them everyday… doesn’t enthuse me all that much! I rather prefer a very friendly work environment… where even if I’m not allowed to do what I really like... I can at least express my thoughts! May be I’m irresponsible... and this is why the mere thought of work... job irks me so much!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Sugary Spicy Life...

Life hasn't been free like this! no exam tension.. done with my exams! no project too.. did very well of course with a lot of irks! wat next? yup, a very boring question indeed!.. no internships?! ya.. no internships as of now! but i cannot remain so vetti at home always.. :( should really start working on something! my regular schedule goes like this.. oh well.. should i start with sleeping or waking up? anything chalega blog mein! ;) sleeping at 1 o clock in the night..getting up at 10.. and if i have some work at coll.. drop in there.. then come back home in the hot sun.. chennai is HOT! unimaginably hot! sitting in my comfy bed.. in my not-so-hot-not-so-cold room and reading a book.. newspaper.. listening to radio..munching a snack..sipping collllllllllld coca-cola... wow! bliss i'd call it! okie...coming back to coming back home.. eat watever is available and then sit sit and sit back to waste time till its dinner time! and then the rest is history.. dinner and hit the sack!! wat have you guys been doing?how do i kill time?!?! suggest something good.. not these reading book.. cleaning room.. washing vehicle et all.. something very interesting..which would interest me.. say something like mountaineering..hmmm! something which can be translated to reality :P .. atleast going to st.thomas mount? who knows!!
i remember those days when i used to be completely addicted to the internet and with the dial-up connection our telephone bill would shoot up to a few thousand.. and one particular vacation.. whoa! it reached the maximum. three thousand three hundred and eighty!something very high for my house's scale then!! and there i was just praying if the telephone bill itself didn't exist.. and all that was just a dream! na.. it wasn't! some of my old blog pals would be knowing... those were the days i was addicted to blogging.. was hell bent on posting some crap in my blog daily.. be it about my electronics lab classes or just about chennai.. road ..water and everything! but i had to write a post daily! and then found this interesting blogosphere.. a lot of people with similar interests in blogging..reading etc.. and it still is a very nice journey! hope it just goes on and on! miss ya bloggy!

okay.. this post is never-ending! i'm in love with cnn-ibn! rajdeep is amazing! Ms.Rajdeep too.. lol sagarika ghose i mean! wikipedia says it if you didn't know! i couldn't resist from writing this! its in my mind!!

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