Monday, January 30, 2006

hellllooo.....remember me?
A whopping 214 posts and suddenly i go off somewhere... believe me, i was and am just the same reading my blog (yes,this un-updated blog!!!) and of course all my regular reads too! I dunno wat attracted me towards blogging, got me addicted to it, but suddenly didn't feel like writing anything at all.. may be i thought there isn't anything very interesting in my life.. not really..but now, i feel completely lost and seriously have no track of my everyday activities... though my blog was simple and meant nothing to anybody, only after i stopped writing did i understand how much it meant to me.. it had been a beautiful collection of all my smiling,sad,happy,funny,pleasant,angry,yappy,frowning,glorious moments in my life! and those memories, i'm sure, can never be regained and those moments never relived..they can be just read and enjoyed! i today read about the silly fight i had with my friend a year ago and laugh away... life hasn't changed much but i think even as part of my works, am learning professionalism! on the other hand, there is always this discussion... what is professionalism?..i really don't want to get into all that! there have been lots of activities going on arnd.. more the merrier! the campus radio,our newly launched video magazine,new subjects,good a lot of other activities...i think am happy,busy!
well,then,i think this would do for a rejuvenation post! i wouldn't say i missed blogging..cos really i didn't miss anything! i always knew what was happening in the blogosphre! still..i am happy to be back here....hope to get back to my most beloved hobby again! life is beautiful and blogging is all about recording them for my happiness! a selfish look at blogging,you could call this! ;) happy day ppl!

Posted by sree at 9:45:00 PM
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