Thursday, January 29, 2004

writing without a purpose...
this would be a relevant title to most of my posts which bear no basic idea...I'm very bad in writing as well even if I've got something to write(as if all of u r blind!). a year back when I was told about blogging, I didn't care I knew I wouldn't be able to pursue with it for a long time. everything on this earth would fascinate me..but very little things stay with me! A friend of mine came to me in the 1st week of january...*seeing her I had to give a sheepish smile* as I actually didn't wish her on her b'day, the previous day....this happens always! she is a very systematic girl, who washes her bag every week.according to me this is the height of perfection! she gave me a diary, and asked me to write something in that daily...I got it quietly wrote some 10 sentences on the first day, which mainly had " I don't know wot to write here, as I'm new to it!" then the second day it came to 4 sentences. the third day I lost my mood, and on the fourth day, when she called me up for something else, I told her "the paper was pretty glossy and how can I waste everything writing, all crap abt me going somewhere,coming back, making a fool of myself and so goes on! " so I stopped writing, and have the beautiful diary in store for something more interesting....I really wanted to get into this blogging....all I knew was to get into the blogger's home page and create an account! I did it and then alas! I didn't even know how my web page(blog) would look like and how to access it! believe me, if I say I didn't actually access my blog for nearly 15days after creating it. I was very bad in internet and all these netty bad as I'm now, thts a totally different issue! kaushi, my classmate was the first to start blogging...she was damn regular in doing it.....though she'd a totally different reason for that ;) Then I came home, and searched for my blog...and eureka I got it back! me and archs started blogging together....and I was totally childish in all my posts but she was quite serious! it was pukka, my daily life..all that had happened in my class, in my college, and everything I liked! then it was meeru and then came harini, who quickly drifted 3 to 4 blogs...! my day wasn't complete without me blogging, I would sit before the computer and blog within minutes....neway it was jjjust part of my regular schedule! I was sure nobody would read them and archs would visit my blog and vice versa! hahaha! this went on when I don't know how all of you landed here! in a way, thank you all of help me keep my blog alive! but on the other hand, I don't know why, I think twice before posting anything nowadays!
why the hell are my posts so long nowadays????

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Friday, January 23, 2004

SMS thro' landline phones...whoa! isn't that really cool?

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

little things are of great value to me. I concentrate more on certain things which usually irritate my quote, I postpone things to the last minute which she just hates to the core. I like collecting anything that looks different.mind u I've even got collection of coca-cola bottle caps, collected about an year ago.I collect greeting cards, and even bus tickets(all my friends and classmates would be knowing this!), chumkis and what not, u name something that would sure be having a place in my cup-board.this unfortunate shelf somehow failed to attract my mother and its pathetically called 'junk' or even 'garbage' by all my family members.I don't mind all that.there is an advantage of having a messed up shelf like this....u know what? nobody dares touch my shelf! there are umpteen instances which make others feel I'm childish...An aunt next house always keeps advising me about how girls should be bold,outspoken and this and that.(as if I'm not bold already! enough of my boldness and extrovertishness)but there's no point in opposing her..she was married at the age of 13!!! to a 21 yr old boy! unfortunately he died at the age of thirty and she had to bring her children up by herself. its quite natural that these sort of people feel like advising whomsoever they see...and that too, she'd tell my mom "avala nanna padikka vai! romba porumaiyana ponnu....nalla varuva" (allow her to study more....she's a very patient girl...she'd come out wonderfully well!) god knows, appearances are pretty can she ever say I'm calm. I'm a big mouth but not loose mouthed..
so why am I suddenly writing all these crap now and that too here? this has a reason...A relative of mine, a very distant aunt,had turned up last week after a long gap! I actually didn't know she was inside and as usual I jumped into my home yelling out something..don't remember what though?! suddenly when I saw her inside, I turned calm and quiet and greeted her, then went and greeted the uncle et shut my mouth and went in.I am usually very reserved in talking to guests. my mom, to make me talk to them, called me in front of them and asked me to prepare coffee for them.I'm bad in cooking quicklyi can prepare something but I take my own and then I called my mom or my granny for help! I don't even know where all necessary vessels are! she explicitly said "how are u going to manage after u'r marriage, if u r so poor in cooking?" I was taken aback and didn't want to actually continue with the discussion. I came back with a grin in my face but as soon as I saw my father and brother sitting and laughing at her joke..even I couldn't control my laughter!
there are certain people who actually look at girls and upcoming professionals and experts, but there still exists a big group of people who believe girls are born to be married. I was inspired by an article taken from a book written by one of bin laden's twin brothers' wife, on the plight of women in a terrorist family like theirs. amazingly written article, it was. If only I had a copy of that I'd luv to put it up here!

btw, planning to go to saarang from tomorrow.hope fully, would be participating in most of the competitions, if there are no classes!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

thanx sat. I posted this through wbloggar.

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blogging was and is in my priority list always. and I wish blogging keeps its pace in the same! But other external earthly affairs surrounding me always intervene into my regular schedule thus making me really idiotic! my schedule though not really hectic keeps changing constantly....because,as on date, majority of my work has to go hands and gloves with many others' work. I badly wanted to attend the madras bloggers meet., and all our friends were really really enthusiatic about it......believe me. this is a true lacklusture presentation of my thoughts. but just a day or two before, our class was allowed to participate in a consultation programme for edusat...with Dr.Kasturirangan, Ex-ISRO chairman, presenting a speech there. He is one such person who has always caught my fascination. and how could I miss such a wonderful chance? the minute he finished, all of us started rushing towards the gate. we actually did reach the place on the speculated time... I mean the time we were supposed to be there. but somehow we missed people out and landed up in a mess coming back to college late to take our haunted vehicles standing silently amidst all deep hissing sounds. what a day in my life? Started off with a lot lot of expectations and enthusiasm...but ended up pathetically gaining nothing! way back to college in the bus..... that was another horrible journey, wherein a lady wanted to chuck me really out of the bus. thank god..before she could indulge into any such action I jumped out of the noisy, irritating vehicle.

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

I can see there is something fundamentally wrong with the blogger homepage....or is it only with my computer?

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helping hands are better than praying lips!
the people at the VSNL's customer service desk are very caring and compassionate to their customers....I hope even u would say the same!
just read on...
My dial-up connection, as usual, started pestering me in its own way demanding a new password for my login.Got really bugged with that and all I could do was shut my computer down and start playing with the kids in my neighbourhood.meanwhile I was praying I had to complete an important work and send it through mail.suddenly, my beautiful brain started working and advised me to call the vsnl helpdesk up! so did my hands obediently and to my surprise my problem was solved in hardly 5minutes. a thousand thanks to their spontaneous help.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

My sleep has gone for a toss off late!
somehow, right from day 1 of this year I've been getting up early in the morning everyday. this has never happened to me before. somehow I compensate my sleeping hours; if I'm early to rise one day, I'll manage sleeping collectively the next day. this year I've been up as early as 5:30 on two days. probably this should be my mom's wake me up early everyday. she somehow plans and finally I'm up.....I look at the time piece to get horrified seeing the time.,it would be just 6. I can't go to bed again., as my mom rolls up my bed and packs up everything.her continuous actions will leave me helpless and do nothing other than fall into the wash basin to sleep again with the toothbrush in my hand.early rising is not at all easy according to me. I still can't imagine how I got up as early as 5am for my classes at 6am in my final schooldays..! everything seems to be a miracle now.

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

wish u all a very happy new year with a lot more of luvly resolutions to be broken in a week or two....

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