Saturday, November 29, 2003

disgusting discounts!
I happened to pass through a shopping mall named 'Ebony' in nungambakkam, a funny shopping area in chennai where you get nothing but the area as such has such a lot of hype. I just can't understand the mindset of people in chennai. they are behind things which are not of any use to them actually. okay, coming back to my point, the entire area is cutely decorated with big malls and plazas. probably you would have heard of/visited some of them - ispahani centre, ebony(not now!) and much more. haven't you? as this particular shop ebony was running a terrible loss, they had announced a clearance sale with more than fifty percent discount long back, probably a year ago. My aunt and I who are real, big shopping buffs set out one fine day to Ebony. we had nothing specific to shop but just went for the sake of it! After doing an advanced search throughout the shop,we finally landed up at the hairclips section. just picked up some cute clips, about 10 of them. and expecting a discount of more than 50% we came to the billing counter. We had the shock of our life there, with the bill amount being 2000! when asked the person in the billing counter cooly answered that hairclips don't carry any discount. the section which carried the discount was in the corner of the shop filled with dirty rags! had to pay the bill amount finally. the worst part was after we returned home and were fired by my mom and granny. Felt really bad and learnt a good lesson. I don't know why they resort to such cheap marketing techniques! I would just be reminded of that incident whenever I pass through that road and I can just laugh at our foolishness.any discount offered anywhere today is just an eyewash.I've literally stopped shopping during these discount era...

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Friday, November 21, 2003

cool flash work here (via kribs' blog)
Not with your eyes!
cool one

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I can understand that I'd been out of blogging for very long. but everything has to have a reason. I was ill all these days and the saddest part of it is that these are my holidays and I just can't accept they are being wasted like this. Resembling an ordinary cold, it got into me but atlast I was tied onto the bed for about a week. now that I'm totally alright, I'm attending a seminar tommorrow. will soon blog!

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Sunday, November 09, 2003

here at last is a post from me.
some facts found by me after driving in the rain for the past 3 days
1. when u r driving in the rain, first of all forget that you are getting wet.Because when I am wet, I get really conscious and stop then and there to get the water off my face from in b/w the two bars of my big helmet. anybody seeing me do that will laugh their hearts out. probably when all other parts of my head are dry,its irritating to drive with a wet face.

2. never mind all those muddy water splat on u by other vehicles, because the rain drops falling on you are a modified form of them. u get to know that only after u wash u'r hands at home.

3. if some vehicle is about to enter into a pool of water, don't hesitate for a moment, you join that in the endeavour. as the water splat by that vehicle is neutralised by that of yours.

4. its better to go for a ride exactly the day before your physics exam to understand the properties of diffraction or other stuffs relating to dispersion of light! (not very sure! no copyrights here :-(( ) by the water droplets on your review mirror.
5. and after all you have to externally smile(frown rather) at people when they cheerfully come and ask u "so, has u'r scooty had a bath atlast?" who has time to go and explain them, the rain had dirtied u'r vehicle actually!and even if it hadn't rained are they going to wash it for me...

All the above mentioned facts were found by driving in chennai which hardly sees rain. when it rains, the entire city is in a chaotic state; when rains stop we've our very same water scarcity here!
All the intellectual facts above, found by me are reserved under copyrights act. any unethical or illegal plagiarism will lead to 'contempt of blog' and you have to face the consequences! ( :-)) )

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

hey, jus can't be away from blogging! and I'm breaking the tradition told above. so here I'm posting a cool (really funny) message for all of u who can decipher 'thanglish'. here it comes:
To overcome the potential threat of digital divide,Tamil Nadu's minister has
proposed all
computer terms be translated to "Madras Tamil"

Open = thora naina
Close = pothiko
Print Preview = paathu printadi
View = looku vudu
Cut = vetu - kuthu
Paste = ottu
Paste Special = nalla echcha thottu ottu
File = failu
Save = vechukko
Save as = Aiye ipdi vechukko
Save All = alaathium vechukko
Find = thedu
Find Again = inoru thaba thedu
Move = jaga vaangu
Zoom = persa kaatu
Zoom Out = velilavanthu persa kaatu
New = pucchu
Old = palsu
Replace = itha thooki athle podu athe thooki ithle
Run = odu naina
Execute = kollu
Delete = keesidu
Tools = spanneru
Toolsbar = spanner setu
Exit = odra dei
Compress = amukipodu
Scrollbar = inge angae aladathey
Next = appaala
Previous = munaagati
Trash bin = kuppai thotti
Drag & hold = nallaa ilthu pudi
Double click = rendu dhabaa
Do you want to delete selected item? = Maiyalume
Do you want to move selected item? = Maiyalume
Do you want to save selected item? = Maiyalume
Abort, Retry, Ignore = Ishtam illati uttudu
Yes,No,Cancel = ippa innaa sollikeere nee
General protection fault = Allam Gali
Access denied = Kai veche, keesiduven
Unrecoverable error = Bada bejaruma
Operation illegal = Bemali...Savugrakki...Kasmalam

I pity for those who can't understand tamil. off into my pile of books!

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

me ....having exams! exams till 12th nov. am not very busy but traditionally ppl don't blog when they have exams. so me tooo...not blogging! will soon do it on saturday or sunday.

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