Saturday, May 31, 2003

Back to pavilion…I enjoyed my trip to trinelveli. The train journey was really amazing.we were six of us and hence an auto rickshaw wasn’t for the first time in my life ( and of course the last tine!!!!) we unfortunately got into a zig-zag cool(!#$$#@$@) call taxi. It was a maruti omni car and I was totally conscious at the moment I stepped into the car. The just flew through the heavy 7pm traffic. Our train was supposed to depart from Chennai egmore at eight sharp(!) and we’re in the taxi at 7:15. my goodness! No one on earth can ever dare to experience that tension! He was totally preoccupied with a magnetic handset and a taperecorder sort of intercom in his left hand and his right hand holding a cell phone (this stuff sucks! It’s kinda terribly irritating,,,,) his legs playing with brakes and accelerators and his knees with the gear(supposed to be done with hands!) the car was moving in its own direction……I totally relied on god.and at one point of time the driver wanted to sneeze and the entire set up collapsed and my uncle sitting in the next seat took care of the steering and gear controls…my god! I’ve seen car races but now I’ve the pride of participating in one.
At 7:50 we’re at the station and since our coach was at the back, we had to walk all along the busy platform. At last we’re in the train and our journey was quite comfortable. At trichendur, we enjoyed to the core playing in the beach. What an enjoyment. No swimming pool can give me that…but….every enjoyment has a trouble waiting behind it. Unknowingly I’d drunk so much of salty seawater that made me vomit everything out day and night till yesterday. Now I’m alright as I’m back to pavilion.

I should learn to be what I am……As I’m from Chennai a place known for water shortage and seeing lots and lots of sweet water there I kept on drinking and playing with water now I’m not able to drink my Chennai water. Things may come and go but only this is permanent. I should learn to be contented with what I have.this is the exact result of greediness. Now I’ve jus two bottles of tamraparani(the coolest and cutest river in trinelveli) water left and after that my tongue is gonna die?

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

its time ,,,,,, lemme leave
i'm very sorry.i'm b'coming really irregular in blogging.and for the next coupla days i wouldn't be blogging as i'm leaving to thiruchendur,my native.

my house or a pool..
this day began with lots and lots of rumbling.our apartment water motor is under repair now and so our water pipes have become dry. we were really careless to have left our pipes open throughout the the morning when water valves were opened my whole house turned to a beautiful swimming pool. amidst all my electronics practical exams i had to clean up everything early in the morning.

in my lab.......
in my electronics lab i was fretting with a dull experiment and finally i ended up showing a good result. anyways this mark is going to be added up along with my assess's marks. now i understand the meaning of the proverb 'all is well that ends well'

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Thursday, May 22, 2003

luvly me! blogging after nearly a fortnight.think i'd better rename it as life in thirty days. i commited a blunder of completing all my vsnl internet connection's hundred hours pack.i was so careless that i never even checked up the remaining hours. we then had to get a new start up kit and start off again.anyway there weren't any loss of money as both renewal and starter kit costed the same.but it prohibited me from blogging and i was totally my exams were on i didn't want to waste time at the rcc.
atlast my exams seem to come to an end with my final practical examination on the 27th of this month.and bubbie.!!!! i'm leaving to my native on the same day. the heat is really terrible in chennai especially today as the day temperature had reached 112 god! where is this gonna end? i'm not stepping out of my house...

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

unknown attachment.....
my end semester exams are on and i'm stuck between piled up books and papers. i had my french exam today and after the exam was over i had some inexplicable feeling which told me my link with french was over.i will and should try hard to prove that wrong. i never felt this when i stopped learning tamil.don't know why? think that was b'cos tamil was my mother tongue.

the news channel NDTV (24 x 7) is really doing a very good job. after the reports about the iraq war and many consecutive incidents i think i'm slowly shifting from cnn to 24x7....

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Friday, May 09, 2003

i had been very busy for the past couple of days. we had our aunt and cousins coming here for dinner yesterday. we had a very good dinner in saravana bhavan. somehow all our family members have an affinity towards this hotel.
responsible lakku cleaned her room yesterday. i had to turn the room upside down searching my old stitchkit. after i got it, the room looked exactly like a battle field and naturally i had to rearrange everything. i even got my friend her favourite sweet popcorn from saravana bhavan.hope she enjoyed it...

cheaters.....all these private radio channels.....
i was expecting hell a lot of entertainment from these newly opened private radio stations - suryan fm and radio mirchi...but all in vain.they don't even cater to the listener's basic interests. probably i had expected toooo much.anyway they are big cheaters.....nobody dare deny it...(frown)

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Monday, May 05, 2003

the beach can never lose it's individuality
this is my conclusion after coming from the beach.though we have a lot of theme parks and plazas budding up in the city somehow our people are attracted only towards the splendid beach. the reason is very simple when you start pondering on it. it is the only suitable place of the middle class crowd of our city. i shot 5 balloons with 5 bullets and everybody were amazed. its very simple yaar...i aim at a place where a lot big balloons are crowded. thus every time one or the other gets shot. good idea na!
i called the 'sundal payyan' for getting some.but he refused to come as we were near a chat cafe. he said that he was not allowed to sell his stuffs near the shop.where have all freedom, our ethics gone? what has article 19 (1) (a) got to do in our constitution? let's just chuck it out?
i think its getting too much of my beach 'puranam'...ha...

its another feather to its cap
i was surprised to see yet another article about blogging in the nettalk column of the leading daily 'the hindu'.it was good explaining about sites called wbloggar and many more. its good to see the concept of blogging develop right before my eyes!

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Sunday, May 04, 2003

master plans mess up!!!!!
we had our unix final lab session today.our prof had plans of sending the questions to our mailbox and then we had to download them and .............|||||||| they were just plans;nothing worked out.we all entered and hush! there was a powercut and everything crashed......huh.....our lab commenced at 1 (supposed to start by 10am) and went on till notorious stuff......not sure if it's seems even our question papers were prepared by one of the students......wota way to conduct examinations....where have all those ethics of examination gone...

pathetic state of the results

i heard about the tnpcee results being published today.i was expecting a big crowd at my college and so brilliantly i entered thro' a different gate......but to my horror there was not even a single soul near the results.why such a pathetic state for the results? or is education only that important?

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Friday, May 02, 2003

opinions differ....
i wore my favourite luvly dress today but unfortunately even my mother wasn't impressed by the dress. everybody commented that it never wore a new look. anyways it's my favourite...
heart attack!!!!!
we had our long awaited videography examination today.i pray the almighty to grant me a good score atleast in the final assessment. my heart stunned to see our videography professor keep his mouth shut. i couldn't just beleive my eyes. after some fifteen minutes or so he was back to his ownself and the examination hall turned into a big lecture hall.
a big full stop to unix
i'm working even this saturday as a compensation for my holiday on thursday. our first endsem lab is on's our unix practical session. all my prayers to the commas (,) and semi-colons and all powerful space bar which constitute the major part of the language.
bubbie UNIX......huh

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