Friday, February 11, 2005

Stories, especially bed-time stories have never failed to attract me. I so much love stories and narration of even actual incidents, by anybody. There are times when I know there is nothing true about the story, but still the entire thing is so fascinating!

My dad is an excellent story teller, who can just spin stories so creatively. Late at nights, he used to tell me sweet fairy-tales or even stories involving super-heroes as protagonists.

When he first told me the story of Cindrella, the princess, I so much believed that she really existed and was my dad's neighbor in his village. He told me about her sitting and weeping in a corner of her house and would turn back to look at my reaction, and of course, I would have a sad, long face empathizing with the weeping princess. The next moment when the fairy godmother appears before her, my eyes would light up in anticipation of something good happening to Cinderella.

One factor, where my dad differed from all others in story telling was, he used to involve me in each and every action happening. Fairy tales had to have a wicked witch and I didn't know how a witch looked then. I remember him, once drawing a picture of a witch with very long, sharp teeth, dirty grin, untidy hair, dressed up in rags and till date she is my witch, in any story. And after this narration, he would ask me what I would do if I encountered a witch some day? I would promptly reply that I would just cut my long hair and give it to her as goldilocks did :P (or was that Rapunzel?)

We decided to try our hands on making the pumpkin chariot, but amma cooked it before that:(. Never mind. So I thought I'll at least get the glass sandals which she had, but I was made to believe that glass sandals would break if I wore them and they are exquisite products available only in the fairy land.

Fairy tales always had this cute ending, where they live happily ever after :P. But I would become so sad, as the story comes to an end.

My granny was also pretty good in telling me mythological stories about gods and goddesses. Not to mention, only the demons in those stories interested me:D Stories involving super-heroes weren't very interesting, as the same story looked much better on television with all the animation. So ironically, I would sleep mid-way between these super-hero stories. And that was used as a trump-card to make me sleep, when he was not interested.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I just watched the movie 'Page 3'.Brilliant work, I'd say. The world seen through the eyes of a young girl on page-3 beat.With innocence and courage twinkling in her pretty eyes, she is found covering midnight party bashes in Mumbai.She thinks journalism is only that until she meets up with her colleague, a reporter on crime-beat in the general hospital late at night when he says,"This is where we get actually happening news".Knowing her friends deceive her and irritated by the hypocrisy of people in lime-light, she is just ashamed of being a page-3 correspondent.She is just disgusted with people craving for more and more popularity.So she just jumps off to crime beat and does some good work there.Though the story line and other elements in the movie weren't very catchy, the story as such was so real, enough to attract anybody interested in journalism.
You have to be in the system to change the system
It is such a powerful sentence,a solution to most of the unsolved problems today.
And, me...yea! I have been watching a lot of movies lately, so much that I am afraid I'm turning out to be a movie freak! But who cares? ;) I still have a lot more in my yet-to-watch list.Yea, I did watch Swades*Hats off*,Incredibles too. Wasn't Dash extremely adorable?
And well,in college,we've been producing lots of videos(short films,documentaries,PSAs and more).Pretty interesting work:DLots of work go into each and every as a result...ha!I have stopped complaining about any movie being pathetic :P I know that is so unlike me.
Did I tell you Udit Narayan's voice is simply so attractive,soooo ...hmm... good... As though you didn't know!:P

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

There are certain times when I feel totally let down, totally unimportant and simply laugh at my very point of existence.when somebody whom i trust so much,respect so much fails to recognise me or comfortably chooses to ignore me off totally,I tend to think so deep into it...was that because I was behaving wierd? Or probably because I am being too rude these days? Or have I simply become lazy, unfit to work in a competitive environment? I think, I still strongly think, I am hard-working.Never have I avoided any tedious work nor do I express my disinterest, provided, the person giving me the work means so much to me.If it is only self-promotion which can bring anybody up in life,I think,I am comfortable staying where I am today.But it pains at times like this, and sorry to say I miss my blog only then!
For those of you who did not get the head or tail of it,never mind,you always have a next time as I am hoping to restart my rambling here.

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