Wednesday, April 30, 2003

we had to take up a test in our principles of journalism . the questions were about article 19 and romesh thappar's act. they were okay and i just managed something.
our final UNIX class was held today and we were told about the way questions would be asked.i seems they would be sent to our respective mail boxes.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

i got up early this morning and hastily prepared for my sw assess but everything went the other way round the examination being postponed to saturday.
i've a luvly holiday waiting for me on this is the first time we r working in the month of may we get to analyse the holidays of may.
i'm literally fretting with the thought of the forth coming weeks.all end sem lab stuffs piled up like hell.....
very poor time management.......frying us altogether along with the scorching heat are our examinations...oh god, pls help me.
wish tomorrow is may22 ....yeah....i would enjoy my yummy vacation from 22nd may.
i was jus thinking of the days when four of us would commute by a tiny kinetic father would pathetically be clinging on to his seat.and my brother in the front like a wound spring awaiting it's release.very funny..... i understand the problem of driving only when i myself drive a vehicle.i hereby declare that all traffic rules would be followed by me as they r only for our good...sounds too responsible na....

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Monday, April 28, 2003

around the world in forty minutes
the reason for the increase in number of two wheelers is very simple. u understand that only when u get into an MTC bus.i went to see the IIT swimming pool and on my way back we tried to be conservative and got into a 5T which took us literally around the world.the bus had nearly half of our city who never had an intention of getting down at last we managed to get down and breathe fresh oxygen.i now understand why share autos have come up a lot in the roads.surprisingly their prices have hiked up from an initial price of twenty five thousand to a lakh and a half today.amazing isn't it?

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Sunday, April 27, 2003

set out again.....
we went to a new film 'kadhal sadugudu'. it was okay not as entertaining as his last film 'dhool'. but before i went i had practised all the creative writing part for my was all because of my performance in the last assessment.

there has been an article about blogging in economic times.the write up was worth reading.i am really proud to see hell a lot of articles,seminars,discussions,write ups................. about blogging and adding fuel to the fire is the fact that i started blogging b'fore them.kudos to lakku.......

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free at last........
atlast we are getting rid of our unix classes. i know we ought to learn something useful but .............Damn.............its too boring.i can't help it.with its irritating stuffs like pipes and filters who will ever want to learn it? i tried attaching a photograph in my blog but i guess it went for a toss. nothing is easy in this world!
i've got a beautiful wallpaper of sandiego,california at sun dawn in my pc. it really pleasurizes me every time i log onto the system.

sars patient escapes from mumbai civic hospital

with sars being the most happening thing on earth how can a patient ever on earth run away from the hospital. i don't get the point at all... is he sentenced under any criminal offence or what?

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Saturday, April 26, 2003

let me try attaching a photograph of our bharat army in my blog.don't ask me if its part of my daily life!!!!

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Friday, April 25, 2003

roots of terrorism go deeper
pakistani general parves musharraf challenges to hold office for the next five years.india can never oppose a nuclear country like pakistan says musharraf.....
threat to the entire world
our central health minister introduces four types of masks ranging from two thousand bucks to 500 today making it compulsory for the airport officials.but the airindia pilots and other officials strike against going to the SARS affected nations. i think that is really fair on their part. how can they live with fear of death!

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sars outweighs our adyar river
a person in thiruvannamalai has turned out to be the first victim of sars in tamilnadu.god! who the hell is allowing people from singapore and bangkok into tamilnadu.

it was my aunts wedding day yesterday and we had good fun dining at radha park inn. the italian creme caramel is the best stuff i've ever tasted in my life.but to my disappointment except for the desserts vegetarian dishes were very few.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

the all conquering indian women...
our french teacher from france who came here to teach us spoken french had left chennai on monday to bangalore. she has planned to specialise in indian women history.surprising know! but she never found a good library in she had planned to do to bangalore and kolkatta for better reference.kudos to our indian women!!!

sars rattles china
15 killed bcause of SARS in china. the health ministers in china r having a really tuff time with the sars corona virus. lets pray god for them to get well soon.after all that is what i can do and for that matter all of us can do only that.....

french assess and english presentation amidst all confusions....
actually i was awake till 1a.m today and was making my english presentation look better. but i never even bothered to flip thro' the pages of my french text. i was sure of having a 4 hrs break after all my work b4 the assessment.but everything went for a toss when our teacher came 1 hr before the proposed time. lets see what happens.....

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Monday, April 21, 2003

i went to bed only at 2am today and had a very good sleep till 7am.i bunked my morning classes and went to college only at 1.i was supposed to give a formal (ha..ha.....ha) talk on browsing centres - a boon or a bane.its obviously a boon but when it comes to speech i had to ponder on the disadvantages also. i had prepared a very beautiful powerpoint presentation and stored it in three floppies(back ups...well prepared... huh!). and when the first person started the cat came out of the bag saying that the pc doesn't have a software called powerpoint.very funny na! :-( everything was postponed 2 wednesday.

SARS - negative
two suspected patients in india suspected to be affected by the corona virus have made the whole indian community happy by their reports which proved them 2 b devoid of SARS.

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Saturday, April 19, 2003

peace of mind - very important hein na?
blog.......mathlab kya hein? that's what the situation with me.....i went on a wonderful trip to mahabalipuram wiht my family. we stayed there for one night and two days in a beautiful resort facing the amazing beach.we had a wonderful time playing with all my chota cousins.we really kept on clicking the camera.after all they are the permanent records which refresh our mind always.
tough work after a heartening laugh
yesterday i was blessed by thirumala venkatachalapthy. staying in chennai for 15 years this is the first time i have visited thirupathi. but for the overwhelming crowd there everything went on well.i even had to fight with the telugu ladies over there for behaving in such a rude manner with me and my grand mother.they were fighting in telugu and i was really proud of knowing our national language.i told her that everybody have the same blood running in our body and asked her to first learn to respect others. anyway she shut her mouth after listening to me and my aunt. she then turned really friendly and explained everything. anyways i had done a good job.
after all this i have b'come really busy with all my works piled up like hell. its damn sickening yaar............huh!

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Friday, April 11, 2003

sun tanned
i spent a full day in my college just for attending only two classes. i don't understand why people can't finish off their classes b4 may...its growing hotter and hotter day by day.and i boil in the scorching heat along with my sweet scooty! paavam......
In the latter part of the day i went to vadapalani murugan temple and then to dominos pizza... but unfortunately the pizza was too big to be eaten by myself and my we hesitatingly asked him to pack the remaining stuff for us...he readily agreed. i liked their hospitality.good!
QMC reopened
atlast there is 1 good sign against the present dictating government. the queen mary's college for women is reopened after the long struggle against 'vaasthu shastras'.
lemme enjoy my big holiday slot after a long time! ha! ha! ha!
happy new year 2 ya guys......
yep.....sorry....iniya thamizh putthandu vazhthukkal

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Thursday, April 10, 2003

indirectly affected
blogging after a long time.. huh.what 2 do am b'coming very very busy not only with my collegeate work but also with my house hold duties! this morning i had to accompany my mother to the ration shop to get that compulsory rice and all other stuffs.....why does this government force people to do all this? its indirectly disturbing a studious girl's schedule.....(ha .....ha....)i completed my script which was supposed to give a social message to the students of the university but everything messed up landing up in a big confusion...i saw a new template in rediffblogs it looked cute and i jus started a new blog jus for the beau template....

SARS in India
it seems SARS has attacked a us reporter rabeka and she is treated in the mumbai civic hospital.ayyayo...wear u'r face masks......yep......

is it my problem? or am i jus adding extra burden to my life
i was shocked to see the ad given by st.thomas college of arts and science calling students for M.Sc.electronic media and B.Sc.electronic media. what the it a problem for me????????

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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

prof kills our plans
i didn't blog yesterday with great plans of submitting a big post early this i said i b'came a bit conservative i thought of using our rcc (free browsing!!!!) for blogging.we were supposed to have our electronics practical assessment today.myself and my friend plotted a very big plan yesterday.after bigggggg calculations we came to a conclusion that we would be having our lab only the next tuesday.but unfortunately our teacher spoiled all our plans and we had lab in the latter part of the session.anyways it is all over.i checked my mail nearly after two days and my mailbox started overflowing with 25 mails.i am slurping my tongue with a fresh chocostick now! yummy!our sw prof came to the class at 1:30 and went back at 2:15.i enjoyed a nice lemon juice in the canteen today. nowadays i eat a lot of natural stuffs which include tender coco,sweet lime,lime,water melon juices and jackfruits.i just love them! i tried opening a new blog but the moment i completed my sign up process i felt really stupid cutting and pasting things in two blogs...

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Sunday, April 06, 2003

home sweet home!!!
I suddenly b'came very conservative.(think its all after we spent a lot in ebony for no use.) and thought of travelling by bus today.i got up early 4 this purpose and enjoyed travelling in the was real fun.we had our UNIX class for three hours.i worked a lot 2day and even encoded programs for many tasks given by our prof.i didn't know the reason for him not being interested in me solving the questions.he answered all my doubts in a sarcastic manner.lemme leave off everything.after all whatever i do is for my good.we were supposed to have our videography practical session with another professor but b'cos of the probs b/w our dept and the old director and new dir everything b'came a mess ending up with the session b'ing cancelled.travelling back home roasted me literally.i got into pp49 for the first time and the driver nominally made me have a ride around chennai for jus Rs.5:50.walking back home from the busstand in this hot summer made me really understand the importance of home sweet home!!!!!

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Friday, April 04, 2003

feedback - this is where i b'come powerful
our poj teacher wanted us 2 b divided into groups 2 discuss upon various news reports. she had even photocopied many news reports. anyway it starts only from the next class.we were given the feedback forms and rate our teachers based on many aspects ( sounds good know!?!? anna university has very student friendly rules also in its system) our english teacher praised our poster as one among the top 3.hats off to me and my groupmates......ha...ha.... she went off and even i came home......
we were announced abt the last working day - may 9. god! i think i'd bcome a roasted chick...

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Thursday, April 03, 2003

finally i had only 1 sip remaining: v had bought a big bottle of sprite and after my brother drank everything i had jus 1 sip remaining....i went 2 the college only at 1pm and our sw prof interacted a lot today.he also offered 2 bars of chocolates 2 the top scorers of assess-2.our english class went on well.our teacher wanted us 2 design antiwar posters or pluckcards and one of my friend was able 2 out down whatever v said neatly in a paper as a cartoon.our teacher even appreciated ours as the best work.our french teacher wanted me 2 read out a pictorial story.i managed reading it though it had a touch of english accent.its all in the game...
i am even planning 2 open a new blog in rediff.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

i keep longing 4 a holiday throughout the year but when its a holiday god! its damn boring 2 idle away my time in the house.i kept pestering my mother 4 an outing and at last planned 2 shop at ebony expecting a 60% off on everything.went there.......... man proposes;god disposes....thats always true.
nothing was dress....not even good jewellery....manged 2 collect some hair clips which didn't even have a price reduction.utter waste.....thank god we never used an auto....nothing went on constructively today....hope 4 a better hol next time atleast.......

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r v b'coming notorious!?!?!wow! wota day? can never beleive my eyes......wots happening?the new director has come.......taken charge......and u know wot? there's an enquiry going on with the old director and the......:-( studs of the dept.v had a meeting with the new director and he made a list of answers allowed b'4 the v........c.(vice chancellor)(some what like our word wizard.....)v also met the vc in a big syndicate hall with all round tables and good chairs the room was well air conditioned...i never made a statement other than sorry and no.wot a silky hair our vc has!!! wonderstruck! sorry dumbstruck.....
hoping a +ve deed from the administrative part....
think there was some prob with my dial-up connection...
thank god everything became alright today.

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