Monday, April 18, 2005

Blogger has got a lot of new features now! and that tells me its been ages since i blogged. anyway hope all of you are doing great. I have this strong urge to blog and get back to all my lost hobbies only during exams. i feel like painting, cleaning my cup board, shopping and doing everything. So go shower your unlimited wishes in the comment box.

But my exam time-table is designed in a very neat way, with around 8 days holidays for a subject.

well, coming to the main part of this post......

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Happy Birthday Dee!!!
P.S: All girls whether you comment here or not, go wish him on his blog! Guys, you can go wish him too! :p
Dee, truck loads of gifts and train loads of chocolates expected in return for this favour.
[See pink colour;)].

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