Sunday, June 22, 2003

atlast i found some valuable bit of time now to blog!
i was really busy for the past couple of weeks that i didn't have even a second to blog!sorry to myself! but anyways there is some good reason for all these. because i'm now in my period of internship in a tamil daily 'DINAKARAN'. i can more or less call it a spokes magazine of DMK rather addressing it as a tamil daily. i have no rights to comment or criticize it now as i'm a part of it now!(just a matter of some ten or 15 days). we even had some guests yesterday and i felt so bad for not being able to help my mother out in her tiring work. she had to manage all those eight of them.anyways being in dhinakaran now i can understand the nature of my future job.there is even a lot of fun involved u know?

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Thursday, June 12, 2003

gone are the days when i would........
tomorrow is the day i was born some years ago.i feel embarrased when people ask me "what do you want me to present you on your b'day?" i am anturally pushed into a situation to give an odd answer "your wishes and blessings can equal any gifts".i am lost in nostalgic thoughts of the days when i would wear a lovely colourful dress and make my way to the school with lots and lots of sweets. the moment i go any new teacher who comes would bless me and the whole school would sing a pleasant birthday song. tomorrow i eagerly await a call from my father. he called me up specifically to tell me that he would call me tomorrow at six am before he goes into the power station.he wanted me to get up at six for attending his call.the best part of it is that 6am in Kuwait counts for 8:30am India. hope i'm awake when he calls up! another year old! have more responsibilities and i want to be the same and very same lakku for another year!

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Monday, June 09, 2003

i'd been to the british deputy council library today in my scooty with my mother.our family membership card had to be renewed and as i was parking my scooty,my mother who badly wanted a glass of water went inside first.i parked my scooty and paid for the parking.i then with the other bags went inside.i was caught by the security guard who demanded my card. i told him that i would use a visitor's permit. immediate was the reply that visitors weren't allowed inside. i then asked him coldly how a new person would ever enter into the library. he showed me a list of documents to be provided for availing membership. he wanted me to show a permanent address proof and many things of that sort.what the heck! i was totally cross....i didn't want to tell anything about my card.As i was asking him all these my mother came to the cabin in search of me.and all my stern questions turned into a collossal flop when my mother showed the card! i had tuffffff time standing there when he asked me "nee membernu firsta solli irrukalame"(u could have told me that u were a member).what an embarassing situation?

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Saturday, June 07, 2003

an idle mind is the devil's workshop is ideally coined for me.its my luvly hols now and i will have to hunt for a good job somewhere. else i would keep wasting my time like hell. i just tune into radio mirchi and do all crap in my house.

after a long time i jus happened to read india today on the web.i am not a regular subscriber but a temporary reader from the web. i'm such a responsible media student who read the last issue of the book jus today when even the next issue is available. anyway leave all that.i was shocked to see anna university at no.10 after REC,trichy.i would put it this's the 10th best engineering college.we vud make it the no.1 media sciences university.hope we do it soon...

as per my aunt's advice today i washed my hair with curd,mehendi and her home made shikakai today.such a tiring job huh.i understand how difficult it would be to maintain a very long hair.thank god i cut it down just a couple of months back.people r really clever to change trends and fashion according to their convenience!

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

the temperature keeps steering up and up and where the hell is this going to end? what on earth is this situation? i basically like summer than rains and obviously these are the only two seasons we have in chennai because these rains leave the whole city in a shattered place would be okay but going from one place to another would be a great problem.

i had plans of watching the miss universe contest but i didn't have a chance to see that this time.i've seen that twice before but i don't have a great liking towards that. i don't think i missed something really important! there are people who would want to see that leaving anything important but i am not of that sort! opinions differ!

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Sunday, June 01, 2003

the sun has caught me again

three days i was fortunate to be away from this scorching heat and today i'm caught again.i was back on my scooty today and we went to our nearest cineplex "udhayam" to watch a dumb movie called "pudhiya geethai". i knew it was dumb but never on earth expected it to be so dull.anyway i'm that sort of a girl who cares little about the movie going on but solemnly nibbles the popcorn in her hand.

probably i'm roaming with an eye for wrong doers...
one thing out of all caught my attention in the theatres canteen today. after booking our tickets we had some time left and as i was just wandering thro' the theatre's corridor i noticed this. the canteen owner(probably!) was sitting with a pot of water,a tumbler and some plastic covers. as i was watching him with my eyes open,he quickly filled up every cover with water and sealed them tightly and arranging them up in the shelf for SALE. in the interval i wantedly went there to see what was happening and he was coolly selling them for a rupee.this can be seen by any tom,dick and harry standing there but he never bothered to hide his wrong deed.when anything wrong is done openly, people tend to agree them to be right or atleast the wrong doer hopes so.

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