Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Winter,Vacation and everything!
Its my winter, yea winter vacations now and with no special internships, I think my holidays are ok.Its too cold here in the evenings. Too cold would be an exaggeration, its ok cold. My technical writing project has had a grand start after nearly a year.I saw a couple of good movies and prepared a big to-watch list with veerzara leading it. Reading the wonderful review here,I am damn tempted to watch it.A rescue pilot's actions should make for a good watch and with SRK in the movie,it has reached the top position in my list hands down.Nowadays people at home are pretty bored of my technical explanations whenever we watch a movie, or even a TV commercial together.When I comment/commend on the funny camera angles followed in these soaps, they exchange wierd "Won't-she-stop" looks among themselves and that says it all. With a wonderful companion like Radio Mirchi and a digicam on hand,anyone can beat boredom.Precisely,my holidays just keep moving with all those thoughts about the recent bombay trip saturating my mind.

Random Question:
Why should I blog?
Though there isn't any specific reason as to why I blog, one good answer would be "It is definitely better than wasting time over mobile and computer games".

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

That sums up the karthikai deepam celebrations here! Posted by Hello

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Friday, November 26, 2004

My dream house Posted by Hello

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This was something, I was looking forward to for a very long time!Nevertheless, Hindu will always be the 'Newspaper', i read. But TOI should be an added fun.
Welcome TOI!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Did u know?
This was a small information which surprised me at the very first read. i read it in a magazine today.
Sachin Tendulkar's 'Tennis Elbow' was cured by physiotherapist Dr. Hyuma. (not sure if i spelt the name right) Even I had come across her name a lot of times. But only today did i know that Dr. Hyuma is the wife of ex-pakistani captain Wasim Akram. Way to go!

Ha! In my effort to find some grub to munch, I slipped into the pooja room and mistook camphor to be sugar cubes and ate them. Of course, I spit it out later. Since then my mouth has that divine temple-ish smell, huh!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Here is a post from a guest blogger...none other than my sweet cousin. This is the poem he wrote for the British Council Young Learner's competition on the topic "My Favourite Food"

The crow crows in the morn,
To wake me up for a day new born,
To break my fast with idlis,
Yeh! Makes open my eye-lids,
Yummy idlies! So small and soft!

Idlies - the logo of tamils,
Blends with sambhar and chutnies,
A delicious detergent for all,
Full boost for the day's work,
Yummy idlies! So pure and white!

Idlies - with a catalyst of miracle,
The steam put to best use,
Hot idlies, the best medicine too,
Yummy idlies! The symbol of peace!

Of all Yummy dishes Idlies...hehe!

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Friday, November 12, 2004

How Dumb!
Me in my aunt's house and phone rings. A call from a courier office.
Courier guy: hello, we're calling from xyz couriers. Is your phone no. ###?
Me: of course yes, thats why am talking to you.
C.G: We want you to confirm your address.
Me: its GB3..
C.G: CB3?
Me: No, G for Gold B for Bombay and number 3.
C.G: thank you!

*hangs up the phone*

After 1 hr the courierwala comes with a packet to aunt's house.

C.G: Courier madam.
I received the packet to see the address typed as
Mr. XYZ,
Gold Bombay 3...
the courier guy thought it was some code n we were doing illegal business. He repeatedly asked about the 'Gold Bombay' thing seriously.I was laughing out loud seeing the poor chap..n omg! how can people be so stupid?

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Birthday Shobhs!
Wishing you lots of luck in all your endeavours:)

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Life is travelled once, today's moments become tomorrow's memory. Enjoy every moment because the gift of life is life itself......live every moment!

Life definitely has its best to offer you one day....be happy! Keep smiling:)

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

College life would have been 100 times better had there not been some irritating event called exam!

"It takes a 100 trees to produce the amount of paper required for our exams! Join me in the SAVE TREES campaign n say no to exams!"
- SMS from a frustrated friend

well, I was on a coll. trip to mumbai for a week!had utmost fun..listing them one by one would really require a 100 blogs. its been almost a week since i came back, but still my throat is bad. my voice simply sucks. now tht its getting a li'l better you missed the wonderful chance of listening to tht sugary voice which only pranshu n sonu got!
of course, i spoke to shobha daily over the phone. but sadly wasn't able to meet her. the tour was tightly planned n i didn't even call up reiya n tia! sowwie dear. and yeah, i met DEE!:)) let me not talk anything more about that!*hahaha*
OMG...mumbai was crowded! i have lots to talk about that place...but before i could just turn around to unpack my bags...here are my exams waiting for me!
c ya people soon....
my comp has been playing the songs from 7/g rainbow colony for nearly 45 times since yesterday. but my mind is filled with exam thoughts!

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