Sunday, December 21, 2003

After watching the recent tamil superhit 'pithamagan' which has a sensational storyline wound around an undertaker, I just imagined how life without those people would be? how can life be complete without death? I've seen a lot of people illtreat their servants. some don't even allow them to enter their homes. they fetch water, help in house-keeping and eventually they do help us a lot. but somehow many don't recognize their importance and don't respect them. I've a neighbour who keeps on shouting at her maid and keeps complaining about her everywhere.not just house maidens, there are so many such people who are illtreated wherever they go. the onyx worker who comes everyday to collect waste material is not allowed to drink water from the metro water tap from which all of us fetch our drinking water. this is the final decision, a colony association takes after an hour-long discussion. but for him nobody can do that job.they need not respect him; but he can be considered as an individual and provided with his basic amenities.

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Monday, December 08, 2003

My first uploaded photograph
yesterday was 'Karthikai Deepam', a very common festival in south tamilnadu! Lighting lamps all around I usually have a lot of fun those days, when I was young. I have always had a liking for this than diwali - because diwali is usually accompanied with a lot of loud crackers. so, now that I have grown really up, [though not exactly :-)], I tried my hands at dark photography or however u'd prefer to call this photograph! Isn't this one really cute?.....thank u,,,,I can hear u all saying "WOW!", with u'r mouths left wide open. pls do not forget to close u'r mouth.
P.S: I'm in no way responsible if photo is not uploaded properly! [escape]

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