Sunday, February 29, 2004

just like that...the back-to-blogging enthu!!!
me is back....choie all! didn't blog, din't even visit all u'rs....was quite irregular! had a lot of assignments, work..preparation n a lot more! and of course a lion's share by my laziness......actually speaking I have a lot of hobbies....but nowadays I've literally stopped spending time with most of them!
i luv 2 play with the kids in my neighbourhood....u know, they actually like me playing with them! when they see me coming from coll...they come running behind...and the funniest part is the eldest of my playmate is jus 10yrs old....he teaches me a lotta thing I like in them is they r dedicated to playing,,,n so am I....cho chweet nah! moi bi....hehehe! enjoying this sunday after a very very long time....and pathetically all sats have b'cum working days 4 us frm this thing is dat I don't blog regularly...accepted! but I see a downfall in the blogging frequency in all bloggers...but still,,I have 2 be regular! getting up is also not a problem...I got up as early as 4:30 on thursday.....probably tht was the reason for me sleeping extra time on friday n saturday!
I went to the bank today to see a big queue being the last day of this month, there wee succha lot of pensioners' waiting to get their pension amt! the amount was quite meagre.....ranging frm would tht be enough at this age of theirs....I really pity poor at their old age with very little money not enough even to satisfy their basic medical expenses...n there r so many other expenses too! Y am i growing so senti.senti! all I cud do was allow them to go n get their life saving amount before me in the queue....!
bye will sure blog soon.....n all those awaiting a reply mail frm me...a very big sorry....u r receiving a mail this week! me...enjoying another R.K.N's sweet malgudi novel!!!!!

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

hieee....had my first RJ-ing experience...was total fun yaar..hehehe

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

part-2 of huh!
I looked at the watch again, the time was already 8:23....nothing could be done but for missing the first class! but guilty conscience....oh my god! finally I land up in a conclusion, okay lemme turn back home take the receipt and come b4 the second hour...I reached home by 8:45 and opened the cupboard to see wot??? tthe receipt missing....I couldn't even fight with my mom for this...b'cos I was the one who kept it inside and moreover I was expecting my results today! so didn't want to develop a commotion at home right in the morning, searched for nearly 25 minutes got it amidst some junk and rushed with it to coll...on time at 9:15...for the second class! but oh holy....! the first class went on till 10:30. I totally forgot that...I was waiting outside till 9:25 when I found the prof had no plans of coming out...met two of my junior guys while waiting outside! was total embarrasment! then picked up some courage and went into the class blinking like a bikku! but our sir was good he didn't even ask a question abt this! then had a sudden GD in his class...blabbered something in that! I then go to copy my project files in my college computer and there what do I see? can't read disk...and all shit!i was totally put down, wot on earth is happening with me...then tried opening it in some other computer there after so much of was finally transferred but with a total mishap in all the alignment! it was a website done with pure html...and realigned it for abt half an hour! then somebody comes and asks me to change the resolution to get back the original size, I do that and now all my work done in 30 full minutes had to be reverted to original! did all that....and after sometime, I just peeped into all other websites of my be true they were amazingly good! mine was a chota baccha among theirs! anyway nothing can be done now...I come out to get caught in a live programme in the radio at 7pm, interviewing our director! yup, prepared the questions, got his consent and finally it was over. way back home had yet another rendezvous with a water lorry...but this time its from behind it! :) I was waiting at the signal just behind it, and when the signal turned red...a whole bucket of water(a wild guess though!!!) splat on me b'cos of the inertia....from starting it after a break! I return home partially dirty wet! thank goodness, it was a metro water lorry and not a sewage one....hehehe!

moral of the story is:
I should never,ever try to be punctual! *a big thud on my mom's and all my frns' head*
never try to override or ignore a black cat cross....its mighty powerful!

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Monday, February 09, 2004

part-1 (I typed a post and dunno how it went so long...didn't want to trouble ya me too serving in chunks!)There was a girl who read a post in shobh's blog abt her worst day, and laughed out loud! God saw the girl and laughed to himself thinking the plight of the same girl the next day...its difficult to write in third I'll better reveal - the girl was me.
The day started well as usual with me going to the bed by 1am and getting up with a jerk at 7:45am hearing the clock strike!I had my class at 8:30 and had to be there by 8:30 sharp!except on mondays, on all other days, the time I reach college fluctuates between 8:30-8:...see it all depends! ;) but today, I wanted to reach college by 8:25 since I'd challenged many tht even I can be punctual.....many includes all my friends, my mom, my neighbours, the kid next started off at 8 sharp picking up all my books, floppies, bag of course, my key, helmet and everything rushed to my vehicle...the first thing was a black cat which came right opposite to me from nowhere. I don't believe in all these superstitions but if my mom had seen she would have dragged me inside...she insists on all these. luckily she wasn't with me today and so I slipped and started my vehicle...usually the button start works, but today everything on earth wanted to behold me from being punctual. so kicked the thing twice or thrice and after it started, I happily loaded all my luggage in it and started off. I hadn't even crossed the first road when my vehicle stopped in the middle of the road right in front of a water lorry(I need not talk abt the speed of chennai water lorries!!!) so blinked at the scowling driver and pushed my vehicle to a corner...opened it and checked for fuel! thank god it wasn't empty....then kicked it umpteen number of times to find it stand still...finally looked at the fuel knob pointing towards "off". damn...turned it on and kicked the vehicle in started! I look at the time and the watch shows 8:10...felt like banging my head somewhere thinking of my fate!then my journey continued...but persisted only for a short while when my brain collected all its meagre grey cells together and came up to tell me that I had to submit a photocopy of my fees receipt failing which my marks wouldn't be uploaded to the server....god!I was almost near my college when this came to my mind...
(to be contd...)

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Monday, February 02, 2004

Finally our radio station has started functioning and the radio channel from AU is on air! this has the privilege of being the first of its kind in India...tht too inside an educational university!for a newsitem on the inaugural function,just follow this.somehow we've been into this right from its its quite natural tht we're attached to it! community radio, unlike other radio channels which concentrate only on entertaining people rather than educating them, is a radio run by and for a set of people - who is referred to as the community - who have no basic education, no access to knowledge and who know nothing about their fundamental rights and their position in the society. this sort of radio can weave into their life and help them in their everyday activities....but this radio was found nowhere in the country and even if found it exists in a sorry state till today! this radio can be used by everybody for voicing out their views and opinions on any issue...there are ample instances to explain how a radio channel can transform the lives of hundreds of people....there was a community somewhere in the state of kerala with rich fertile land, but the people didn't know to utilise it completely and get the maximum out of it.A programme on radio was started targetting the farmers in that area and the radio actually gave them step by step instructions on how to sow the seeds, spray insecticides and even the method of watering them. when the farmers followed the instructions literally, the yield was amazingly high and the quality was at its best, it came to be called 'radio rice'. this is one success story about how a good medium can bridge the divide in this country....wish even our programmes in this radio would help in the upliftment of, if not all, atleast a fraction of the under-developed community...moreover these people are skilled in certail areas where even the educated lot struggle to thrive...this would be a two-way learning process, I feel...

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