Sunday, August 29, 2004

Till now, I thought asking somebody for a favour was only difficult. but nowadays I am in terrible trouble when somebody comes and asks me for a favour. The other day I come back home at around 7 in the evening, and a girl runs to me and says "Akka, can u help me out with HTML? I have got to create a webpage tomorrow for my assessment" and I sat helping her out till 9'o clock. Not that I am good in HTML, but still I knew wot she wanted.
I usually start around 8:15 nowadays.As I was running between walks to the parking area, I happened to meet suchi (a small cute boy who stays nearby) who was succumbing to the inexplicable pressure from his school bag. I should have shut my big mouth and gone looking after my own business. I brilliantly, shouted out, "suchi, hi!" and he lifted his face to look at me, he was all 8:15, this was not at all necessary for me, but still I asked him the reason. haha, guess wot? he was weeping because he was late to school. the funniest thing is,my college and his school(rather my school;) alumini, u see!) starts at the same time 8:30! the school is hardly half-a-km away, but my college is 7+kms away:)) I felt bad to leave a weeping boy right in the middle of the dropped him at school and then went to college:) I know how I'd reluctantly go to school on monday mornings, probably he was also in one of those phases!
Not just these favours,but I seem to be always doing something or the other.

As I keep saying to everybody, I know nothing is wrong. But nothing seems to be going right. Lets wait to see what I am upto tomorrow! Btw,isn't today supposed to be a sunday..yayyyyyy!

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

I see, the weekend is gone! The week end passed by with me just lazying around. I don't have much work to do today. I planned to do a bit of shopping this week...but no, not today!

Sorry :P, the chocolates n cookies mentioned in the previous post are all over :P better luck next time:))

A friend of mine is getting married today. He has been in this same apartment for the past 10 years. we used to play badminton almost daily a few years ago, but now we hardly get to see. He is too good a baddy player to be taken for granted. So in doubles, we team up together and hehe...the cup or wotever they give is ours:D day before yesterday, he introduced his would-be wife and we spent nearly an hour chatting...I told her all that I could about his line-marofying activities. She was very very sweet...infact only both of us were talking and talking.

Atlast, I watched "Life is Beautiful". I've been postponing it from I-don't-know-when. Ammaaaazzinnnggg movie! The kid in the movie is the cutest ever, sweetest ever, bubbliest ever and wot not. adorable one...:)

I'll sign off with a riddle from the movie itself!
'If I say my name, I'm not there anymore?'

succha hopeless post...gosh! see the internet connection here is chaotic! I just gave a try, and blogger page loaded I am forced to post something..and hence this post! :|

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

My dad's friend had come down to India and he spent a day in chennai. He is a north Indian basically, but has a mix of slangs as he has stayed almost in all Indian states and other countries. He does a lot of travelling..n by saying lot I mean really so much! He flies down from the gulf once a fortnight, and does a lot of inland travelling.
Naturally that day, topic centered around train journeys and generally, journeys to be more precise. He enjoyed talking about that. he went on and on....when we were kids, train journeys used to be a lot of fun . as the train starts the people in the compartment soon get introduced and they talk about something as though they were intimate friends from childhood. there would be some old people sitting inside who would want us to get down at some stations and fetch water etc. and very soon, the ambience would change..people would start discussing about anything and everything under the sun. the kids would start playing together. women would share their stories and common gossips would rise in. oldies would want to rest for a while....but today the way of living has changed. as soon as the train starts people just gallop in with heroism. and the moment the train starts, they would start playing a game in their phones or unwind the headphones of a walkman. they prefer to talk over mobile phones to somebody elsewhere rather than introducing themselves to the person next seat. and incase, people like me(him) voluntarily starts the introduction process, the conversation would hardly move on
Me: hello, I'm ----.
Other person: hello...excuse me, just a moment..:P
and he goes out with the mobile and does he speak something very important? no, not at all..the conversation would mostly be
"yeah..we'll discuss about that later! hope to meet you soon. take care.I'll call you back tomorrow. meanwhile leave me updated thro' SMS. bye. see you tomorrow!"

He had a funny way of explaining everything. Without hesitating for a minute, I'd get down at the stations to get anything for the co-passengers. But today when I ask my son to get a bottle of water..the immediate reply is "what the heck? don't you people get water bottles before the train starts? simply running around when the train stops...behave yourselves! we'll get a bottle of pepsi when the colawala comes.."
I simply enjoyed every minute of that uncle's stay here..not to forget that he got me Danisa butter cookies and some chocolates.

I am going to ask appa to send only such interesting guests hereafter

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

another post on life...another phase of life...
Life today is at one of its odd many grudges...a lot of if's and but's pre occupying my mind...I pray this sad state doesn't remain for too long! Every action of mine seem to invite trouble in one way or the blogging something here might also invite a newer version of trouble :(...
so many things to think many decisions to many work to be done...ultimately the only destination is going to be a problem of some sorts!
let me be back after a day or two! take care

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Celebrating 58th year of Independance...

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Its been really long since i saw this space of mine...I am in a hurry..will insert smilies later:P..
well on great public demand here is the cheat code for converting 6MB to 100MB mailbox!:D
go ahead!:)

>>>1. Login to your Yahoo! Mail account
>>> 2. If you see only 6MB, go to Mail Options
>>> 3. Select Account Information from the left of the screen
>>> 4. You'll be asked for your password again. Enter it.
>>> 5. You will see the Membership Information page
>>> 6. Copy your url into notepad.
>>> 7. Copy the below url page also into notepad
>>> 8. Copy your scrumb code (this should be the last 11characters of your> url) from your url and place it in the two places of my url where the> ***********>>> is.Copy this url (which has your scrumb code) back into>>> your browser. Hit Enter..
>>> 9. Change your settings to English - US
>>> 10. Accept the New User Agreement
>>> 11. You will be logged out
>>> 12. Go to and relogin
>>> 13, You will now see a 100MB mailbox
>>> 14. Enjoy

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

My life as it goes on...

I've got 100MB yahoo!:D yes, its only now tht I upgraded my account. earlier when accounts were automatically upgraded, I did get my share of cheat codes for upgrading my account. but my lethargy to upgrade my account, left me with the same old 6MB:( today, i got another set of cheat codes...n yayyy! My yahoo blinks with whoa! a 100MB:D:D

hehe..@ my last post! as u see it was typed at 12:01am :P..haha! not one person to whom I told abt my deleting the messengers praised me...apparently, they started talking abt system restore n reloading them...haha!

My life is definitely happening these days:D...I go for morning jogs between walks;)...its cool! I didn't know so many people were awake during those eerie hours of morning..on roads
last week I cleaned my computer...n it dazzles now:d the keyboard sparkles...i took out each n every key n cleaned the entire keyboard! there are some days when I turn out to be jobless and do these sort of works.

on a different note, the private schools here in chennai, are in the spree of showing off the precautious measures taken by them against fire accidents. after the fire tragedy in a school in Kumbakonam, schools conduct meetings with parents to explain that their schools are 100% fire proof n stuff. There was this e-mail from my brother's school. to be more exact, it was from the parent-teachers e-group which talked abt the fire tragedy n then there was a open question on 'what could be done by us(meaning them:P) to help the victims?' a good question! but the replies were absurd I should suggestion was to 'make the students write poems and songs and send them to the houses of victims'. the other was to make these children paint some scenes like that n send them. aren't these ideas completely wierd? the mistake was on my part, I should have sent those mails to trash without reading...out of queer inquisitiveness as to know what was happening i just started reading...n I totally lost the respect I had on these people!

I watched Peter Pan yesterday:D

I am reformatting my system this week..i mite get a writer too! wooohoooo!

hmmm...wot else?? my cousin has got her engineering admission call letter! tht means she would come down here sometime. one day would be spent paying a visit to all engineering colleges here. most of the colleges are out of the city limits and it would be fun going around. I didn't have that opportunity, my college is well within the city.

well....tht wud do today!

Courtesy: Smilies in this post

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Friday, August 06, 2004

And what have I done?
I deleted my messengers in an instinct....yeah! an instinct which kept telling me that I was spending tooo much time over the net. I'd be missing all you sweet people out there:)...
I switched off the system and went offf to doze, suddenly got up, switched the system back on, deleted both the messengers one by one....:))...! some mental compulsion which forced me to quit one of the my blog has been so sweet to me for more than a year, nevertheless I chose to part with the other!
My cursor still goes in search of yahoo messenger...haha!
Will be regular in blogging at least:)

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

PaRtY TiMe FoLkS!!!

A time to party over...strawberry chocolates:D...n the icing on the cake says,

A post dedicated to a very very sweet friend...Sweet is not the word...refer dictionary for better meanings:P a very creative friend who can come with cute cards in minutes...sorry pranshu, am not tht good in photoshop:))...this is all a beginner can do:D Anyways, this card (cute or not!) says, have a beautiful and fun-filled life pranshu...have a great day!
:D :)

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Blogging is so vague when seen from a wider angle! It mite look as a very personal medium...but as we get into it, there is not one way in which it can be personal. its located in such a vast space...n we even don't have control over who reads it! To me, its a great medium of expression.anyway, blogging has earned me good a lot of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Am really thankful to blogging for having introduced me to so many good people around:)

Thank you sweet dosth, Pranshu...The gifts were real cute:D

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