Wednesday, October 29, 2003

At last here is, what I wanted to write....
this was the tiny bit of information...can't just call this information but just what I was pondering abt all these days. I wanted to post this on the eve of diwali but I wasn't in a mood to collect all my thoughts together. So here I am... Just two days before diwali I was in a terrible dilemma whether to buy some crackers and burn my parent's money or to just put an end to all those lavish expenditure. but my family members were quite sentimental in getting some as a mark of respect for god. But, being the only daughter of my mother, I didn't want to interfere into her sentiments.finally after some time I agreed. A neighbour of mine who saw us buying crackers started explaining the ill efeects of bursting crackers, not just burning but even buying them would contribute to child labour.people are basically very mean nowadays that they don't want to spend money out of their purses.they pretend to save the nation and justify their act using the term 'child labour'.there is not one child involved in the industry in sivakasi today. but all these hypocrites who had so much to talk abt the ill effects of bursting crackers weren't embarrased to slip out of their homes and watch our fireworks. the problem is who would bell the cat, but all of us want to celebrate diwali and have utmost fun on that day watching others burst crackers. there was a traffic jam on the kotturpuram bridge, because of ppl watching firworks.when there are so many ppl interested in celebrating, why should they just pretend? If all start celebrating diwali would be more fun....these are all the personal feelings of Lakshmi and Lakshmi alone.Not aimed at anybody...I swear.

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Blogging after a Brk!
So, atlast am back to blogging with a bang! I had umpteen number of reasons for not blogging. one was the arrival of the unvisited guest on wednesday (not on I had mentioned) The bill amount keeps rising everytime and wot can I do? Everytime the bill comes, I have a tuff time facing my mother who wouldn't talk anything about that. Somehow I am guilty that its only because of me.I monopolize the internet totally in my house and when the bill amounts upto 2000, I think its high time I plan my use of internet and reduce it to some extent. I had to C, C, C and just C until wednesday because of my C and C++ practicals. I was expecting our professor to give us some challenging tasks, so that we could use our brains. But alas! He had something else for us. just two programs, really child-like. I didn't want to come out the air-conditioned lab into the hot sun. so I was staying inside the suffocating lab, disturbing my program to the core, drawing lines and decorating the output screen. I think I'm free for the next two days. Bing busy is also fun. Thats how busy ppl(like me!!!) think!!! :-)
hey, u ppl out there, I'm not a lazy goose as u all think and blogging is something I'd luv to do... I was quite busy in october. Here's a busy gurl coming back to blogging!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Am still alive!
I'll resume to blogging very soon!

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Friday, October 17, 2003

sorry ppl! I was pretty busy with my assignments and other stuffs and the only thing I thought I could forgo was 'blogging'. I know I'm posting after 4 days....yep! It isn't 4 but 5. It's 1am now.
I think 24 hours is too less a time to be considered 'a day'. I am desperately in need of some more time! My night is almost gone.why almost, its gone! The technical writing course which I've recently joined is too good, very interesting....but sometimes it makes me feel that this isn't the right time for me to do that! I'm totally occupied...not a single minute to waste...or even just walk out in the chill weather!
Lots and lots of things are happening around and all my assessments, end semester practical exams,TW project,end sem exams are round the corner!The entire class had to write a script for an advertisement spot for 40 seconds(jus the script) and ours(myself,meera and archs) is selected now! Should I be happy 'cos ours is selected or should I frown for having to miss my TW class for the second time and come for the recording on saturday???
Still I jus can't hate my course! I jus love it but for some assignments, which are nightmarish!

Our next audio recording - radio drama....We r in the process of ......messing up!

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

so, its not but Even I wanted to get rid of that _.

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I've done something wrong somewhere! BLogspot says IT DOESN'T allow the character _(underscore) in the name! think I'll change it soon!

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Dumbstruck...we were!
The good old red building, the haunted gallery and many other unnoticed parts of our college are coming to life now b'cos of AGNI,an Intra college culfest in Anna University. And every year, we come off the class room atmosphere and jus peep into all the auditoriums. Then we poke our heads into almost all the competitions, but unfortunately last year we weren't able to win even in one of them. This year we again gave a try in most of the events quiz general, dumbc (eng and tamil) and many more. by chance we stepped into the union office and saw the tamil dumbc going on. we jus gave a try and were selected for the finals. Since I had a class in the morning, I missed Shaastra, which I wanted to attend desperately! Then came our dumbc finals, having 5 rounds. we flopped the 3 rounds and in the last round we were able to get 'all correct'. when the results were announced we were really dumbstruck,for having won the first prize.
An added credit was that, this time most of the events have been topped by our department! It is true that students are the sole promoters of a dept.

hey atlast, I've changed to

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

eureka! Our music programme was played today and it wasn't that bad! We made up for a B grade! not bad....but I swear, that was sheer luck and nothing else!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

hey, I'm turning really bad nowadays! so stingy.....oh mygod! why should lakshmi become such an indifferent girl!!!
1. On tuesday, I was supposed to drop my friend at her place in Ashok Nagar (near mine)....., but another friend of mine wanted me 2 drop her at another place... Wot can I do? Where is my problem? Both of them had their own reasons... one had an ailment in her leg and the other wasn't very sure abt the route...:-(
2. My schoolmate, called me up today and kept insisting on me attending a function at her house this evening. I had to accompany my mother to a 'kolu' (navarathri - dussehra) function at my aunt's house in velachery. When I opened my mouth for explaining her the reason, the conversation went on as follows:
me: can u spare me a second?
fr: s of course, but not 4 giving an excuse...not at all..u r coming 2day. v r meeting nearly after 3 months. All our friends will b here and I am afraid I vud forget u'r face if v don't meet!

How do I face such situations? In both the cases am not the accused...but I feel guilty... Crisis management is not so easy.

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our musical programme- a big flop(hope not!)!
Every week as part of our audio presentation lab we are supposed to record audio programmes. All 7 of us are in the same group and every time some how or the other we prepare the scripts and finish off the programme. One funny script was for a radio drama on modern "silapadhikaram", a very famous tamil literary book!We started off with the script, included some two other characters with the original story, and off went the script to pepsi-coke crisis, madras tamil, idlies and wot not! But it wasn't a flop....thank god! This time unfortunately it was "production of a musical programme"! And We were breaking our heads for a musical programme with a difference! We didn't want to go by the original formula of three teams of two each! the recording supposed to be on Thursday, last week, was done only yesterday!And even that wasn't up to the mark. What can we do! Atleast spoken word programmes can be done by anybody...but for musical programmes u need 2 have a bit of musical knowledge! Hope our grade doesn't fall down this time!
P.N:I'm in a pathetic mood since yesterday! And to avoid landing up in a melodramatic post, I was out of blogging!

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