Thursday, April 29, 2004

Some things which made me go...yayyy!! today!
...Yummy glass of Mango milk shake as soon as i came home...I'd feel like kissing my mother when she offered me one!
...Woke up at 9'o clock, and then slept for some more minutes peacefully
...Listened to a lot of songs...especially in Radio! Don't know when and how I became addicted to it. why am I addicted to radio when i have all songs in my comp? After too much of analysis, i've come to a radio, i don't know which song is gonna come next, and i get to listen to songs fully which is not the case with comp
...Meddled with the arrived mobile phone! neway its of the usual type!
...The sense of leaving workplace and starting back home after completing a big piece of work, the ride back home...yayy!! its amazing!
...Speaking to bloggie buddies and filling sonu's slam book..cute sona:)
...A bar of chocolate, definitely works with me!
...The smell of petrol...hmmmm!!

Listening to snehithiye-Alaipayuthey!

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Friday, April 23, 2004

happy birthday neha....she's succha sweetie pie...happy budday dearie:)

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life is like that!!
when computer was invented, i wasn't even born. later as i grew up, i thought computers were something superficial beyond the reach of children and people like me ought to be far from it as much as possible. i'd go along with my uncle to his work place and admire all parts of a switched-off computer. according to me, allowing me to key in anything in the keyboard, was a big deal. i knew nothing about computers in my younger school days.
then came the days when i understood computers were meant for playing games, especially NFS sort of games, which most of my friends would mother didn't want me to lag behind, n planned to put me in a computer class. i slowly learnt handling the mouse and all. in my final part of schooling, i chose and understood quite a lot about it. a day finally dawned when my family decided to get me a comp, and i knew more about it than anybody else. my mother liked me working with the computer in the beginning. the main reason was i didn't have an internet connection. then came internet which drastically attracted me and i started blogging.
nowadays, i have a hectic time, when my mother scolds me saying "what do you do with the computer always". you interact very less with human beings, and always sit before the system, this is what most of the people here tell me.
this is such a mad mad world, when i didn't know anything about computers, everybody wanted me to learn. now after i've learnt, they want me to stop working in the comp:(

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Monday, April 19, 2004

sometime I feel..age-no-bar just slap the person standing in front of you.....lets see what happens....but it always doesn't work:(....sad plight!!! frustrating mood rite now

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

this is DEE's li'l sisy wishing him a very happy budday...:D:D. i know i'm very sowwie bhaiya...!
neways dee..have a happ happ happy budday!!!
happy budday to u!
happy budday to u!
happy budday dee!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

the dirty game is here again!
the polling list for the upcoming elections had come today! it was in a total mess. and to make matters worse the font size was too damn small and the printing was also not properly done. so the member of the family with the most powerful vision had to go and check for the names and ultimately it was me. after so much of fussing and showing off my non-chasmuism to everybody i started off there. it was put up on the association notice board and there were nearly five or six people already there checking their names. i went there and my tiny puny eyes couldn't decipher a word out of it. but i still managed to look at it. the quality of the paper was at its worse and to add to that, the paper carried every speck of dirt found on earth. meanwhile the other five standing there wanted me to find their names too! i didn't want to accept my defeat in front of them. so i started planning strategies for finding the names. 'lemme first find the way in which they've printed the list..this would definitely make my job easier; i thought. there started the problem.
i was deeply involved in finding that out tht i almost wasted some 15 minutes. mean while, the precious watch man of our colony came there. he's one retired head master who'd give a lecture for any question you ask him. he sometimes shoots back questions at you...thats one reason why i tend to keep away from him. he came there and started talking about how indian politics is at its worse and how only younger generation can tune up things to suit the global scenario! and blah blah blu blu:(
after my exams, it should have been a wonderful,relaxing evening hadn't i gone there and been his victim! he already talks for hours together and today he had an axe to grind....politics is one topic about which any tom,dick and harry would keep on talking! i kept on fiddling with the polling list and in one corner to my surprise i found my mom's name. my face lit up and i was rejuvenated to find the other names. atlast i found everybody's. but the funny thing is my mom, my granny and my dad who belong to the same family were @ 3 different constituencies. my name wasn't even there.i didn't actually care to search mine.
if in preparing a list for one family, can there be so many confusions, no wonder the entire process of elections is in a chaotic state in the whole country.

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

i miss those days.....

-when i was a kiddo devoid of any responsibilities! nowadays people expect me to be very matured and also my mother wants me to become a "u-give-her-a-task-and-she-completes-it" kind of girl!

-when i would happily go to saravana bhavan with my grandpa and eat my heart full! with all 'thirutu' ice creams without my family's knowledge! i should say those were some of the moments which would definitely make me smile even today:)

-when every weekend would turn out to be an enjoyable outing-day with my parents, aunt and sometime even my cousins would turn up

-when cricket matches used to become a mini-party at home, with everybody coming here to watch the match. sharing thousands of comments. I still remember how my flatmate and my close friend would pass on naughty comments when dravid wastes balls right before our eyes!

-when I would fuss like fool with a new game board of monopoly and control everybody asking them not to touch anything and behave as if only I knew the nuances of playing it :P

-and above all when I needn't think about my academics at all! I would complete the subjects well in advance and the days before my exams would be as cool as ever...*deep sigh*

-when I was my teachers' sweet little 'jerry' (thts how my kindergarten teacher calls me even today:)). right in the middle of any class i would stand up and tell her "i can hear a 'heroplane' (aeroplane!) coming" how sweet she should have been to take all of us out to the play ground and make us watch the flight move off?...aww:) field trip...must have been!

childhood was fun! its one of the most memorable page in our diary called 'life'...aisi aajadi aur kahan?:P

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