Wednesday, September 29, 2004

It rains practically everyday here! But not these thunder storm drizzles continuously! I luvd getting fully drenched, the first two days....but it ain't funny when you get wet and are about to enter a classroom full of dry people!
I am bored of these slight rains....its not an yayyyyyy anymore! ayoooooooo! its irritating!

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Happy budday Archs....hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Catching up...
Guess the is back!

  • Happy Birthday dear Sonali. Well yeah, Thanx for the Teacher's day wishes too

  • Happy Rakhi to moi bloggy bhai

Storm after the calm break...such big posts!

It was the official apartment association meeting today. and all those aunties and uncles assembled together @ 12 itself for the 1'o clock meeting. can't help their punctuality! But it is a sad fact that their sons and daughter are half as punctual as they are.They give a big hype as though its a parliamentary session. not that parliamentary sessions are great....but still. And that too the uncle who is the present prezi is an old man with all revolutionary ideas. He is an "Andha kalathu MABL.,"But not one day have I seen him in his black gown, I even doubt if he has one - A totally different thing to be dealt someother day. Now this person comes to the meeting and wishes everybody in a very formal way, and gives a mini lecture for some 20 minutes in his "legal" English, when everybody stands there baffled. Everybody's face was a sight to see! i wasn't there at the meeting spot actually. All I could see was the face of the audience from my home. The guyz had this irritating look on their faces, the aunties had the gokulashtami preparations in mind and the uncles gave a blank exression to the aunties.When everybody came to know, this person wasn't gonna stop in the near future, the aunties got up and started with the very same

"Ippo enna solla varel?" (now what are you trying to say?)

That was like one tight slap over the prezi's face. and there, he stopped his
never ending lecture. When amma was ready to get up and come home, she was stopped by a zillion voices. It is our turn to speak and how can you leave just like that? with no better option she sits back. She strongly believes that being one among a 100 women shouting isn't gonna create a change.and there isn't any big problem we face as such.the ladies shout in their own pace and the decibel level wrecks the entire world.but still i was evesdropping shamelessly on whatever these people were shouting kyonki i had a reason to:P - A sad silly reason!

The other day i was listening to a good song and eating a banana. one part of the skin fell down from the banana as I peeled it. this might turn out to be a reason for a trail of ants in my room.but considering that I have to walk to the dusstbin for throwing 1/4th of the banana skin seemed a big deal.So I turned around to look if anybody was seeing me. peeped through the window twice to ensure nobody was walking there. then I gained all strength and flinged this skin to the dustbin which is at the other end of the road. unfortunately this skin touched the grills of the window and lost momentum. it became slow, meaning it can fall anywhere n the road. as i was following the skin with my eyes, this prezi uncle happened to come by that road. and Gosh! for heavens sake it didn't fall on his shoulder. he just was coming and it fell before him. i hid below the window sill and peeped slowly. he looked at the skin and was looking around as to where it fell:)) but something made him think, it fell from the upper floors.

haha, now i know why he doesn't wear a black gown;)

This happened weeks back. but i was scared if by any chance he would know it was thrown by me. and if he quoted that in the meeting, when talking about garbage disposal, I would have landed in soup!After hours of controversial debates and these people proving their inexplicable GD skills, the meeting comes to an end.

The real comedy broke out when amma comes home and says
"These people in the upper storeys can never change. Even the other day when he was walking on the road somebody had thrown a banana skin at him. when somebody does it on him, he understands the real problem."
hahahahahaha! nobody still knows, i threw it out:D

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