Sunday, August 31, 2003

await a picturistic blog very soon!
my photo...............Letme think about it!

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Picture trial

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Saturday, August 30, 2003

my first trial of uploading a picture!

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my first trial of uploading a picture!

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Emerging trends....
I have seen mothers feeding their children showing the moon. Now we even have our dear planet MARS standing nearby. But as I was crossing the signal near Kasi theatre in my scooty, there was a terrible traffic all chennaities know!.... I was astonished to see a lady invoking happiness in the child's mind showing her the traffic jam from her balcony. With so much of pollution and toxic gases getting released the lady was pretty happy in feeding her baby "poison" in the form of polluted food. Probably thats the fashion today! b'cos even leading international concerns just don't care selling intoxicated foods. But I was happy seeing the ad in the hindu given by pepsico apologising for the misuse of Ms.Sushma Swaraj's name for commercialising their product.

My technical writing class today was damn interesting. We had English today and the class was so interactive that we would feel out of place if we kept our mouth shut. First exercise was to introduce ourselves and define ourselves in just two words.That was really difficult, you see! But somehow managed to strike the chord. The next exercise was freewriting.We were given fifteen minutes to write about any topic of our interest continuously without halting or giving room for our creative eye to blink and all of us wrote something or the other. Thanx to blogging as my posts are usually free written stuffs.Since me and my friend are the youngest in this batch, it gives me some self confidence to express whatever I think. On the contrary, this feeling also prevents me from opening my mouth at times. Anyway, the latter happens only occasionally! So nothing much to worry about. I was in a way afraid thinking of the long,tiring day in front of me in the morning. But my English class wronged it off very easily.After lunch we resumed for a class on HTML. After so much of struggle with the projector, the professor explained some basic concepts of HTML. It was also good but the electricity board was kind enough to shut down the power as soon as he finished teaching. I just hopped into my scooty and squeezed myself through the trafficjam to my home, sweet home!

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Friday, August 29, 2003

Blasted my heart :-(
The very news of bomb blast in bombay turns my blood cold. A very busy city comes to a stand still because of a blast. When I was in my Eighth grade or probably ninth one incident which kindled my emotions was the bomb blast in Coimbatore. I had just then left the place. I tell you I had been at the exact place where the bomb exploded. When a one day visit can bring two drops of tears out of my eyes residents of such busy a city......for heaven sake I pray God that this practice of man curbing another man for just material benefits and preying each other should not persist! My heartfelt condolence to all my fellow countrymen. I just can't take it as another act of terrorism.As nowadays terrorists gain a lot more of importance than any soul under the sun does, I think terroristm is becoming the most easiest tool for gaining popularity.

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I saw the MARS today after so much of hype about it for the past one week. It just looks like an yellow dot. I know MARS to be red only but now it appears like a small yellow sodium vapour lamp. I think the planetorium is open till 30th facilitating us to see the planet through the telescope.

Boys - crazy boys!
Some of my classmates had gone to watch the movie 'BOYS' and I say it was real fun to hear them say that it was damn good! I somehow have an unknown attachment towards them. I really wanna watch them. It seems that the first day tickets cost about 10$ in US and this prevailed only when BABA was released there.Await a review very soon!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

An encounter with Mars
Our solar neighbour Mars is up for an encounter with our sweet planet Earth. I got an E-mail forward from my friend about a month ago. After that I even heard many people talk about this. I'm not very sure if this is right but whats there in spending a few minutes seeing this. After all its something really strange and when something is most happening why not poke our nose in it? I think it can be seen with our ordinary eyes but.... very interested and enthusiastic people are always welcomed at the planetorium. So wish you all happy sky-watching! After so much of sky-watching I thought it was over, but again, I don't understand what sky-watching has got to do with us?

uhoo! I have a holiday tomorrow. Nowadays I take rest only on wednesdays. After a tiring second semester when we worked even on saturdays and sundays ,I think this holiday is not a waste. We know how valuable a holiday is for a person. Ask about the value of a second to a person who had lost in a running race. Same is the case with us.We know the importance of a holiday!

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Tightening my schedule
I have enrolled myself for a new course on technical writing. And today was my first class. It was really interesting and informative. Me and my friend go together and we got to know a lot of poeple there. We were the only studying kids there. They were all either software or marketing professionals or journalists. We enjoyed the class and I'm awaiting the next class. We have also got an assignment to be submitted in the next class. So bye!

Responsible Lakshmi - Something very rare!
I feel I'm not that busy but somehow time flies off like hell. I think I should blog and shout out some of my views daily but I get caught somewhere.It was my brother's exam last week and I had to help him out in some of his mathematics. Though it was a bit tiring after full day's work, I was able to contribute something towards his development. It doesn't always happen. We chat,fight,hit each other, giggle and do all crap other than helping each other. And my Mom would advice me time and then about playing usefully. I think we are growing up and proving ourselves to be responsible children. Anyway its all for good.

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Monday, August 18, 2003

Boys, heart-throbbing songs!
I'm crazy after the movie 'BOYS' and planning to watch it ASAP(As Soon As Possible) I've loaded all the songs in my system and I tell you they are really coooool! Shankar is really great. His choice of movies are ecstatic. Those amazing stuffs aren't born in everybody's mind. Three cheers to him and all his boys! Wish this movie b'comes a grand success....

Bad English-A real pain in the neck!
I am really pissed up with the English,the local people of Chennai use. I don't know if I am wrong b'cos when I saw this sign-board at a place called Vadapalani in chennai, I tell you I was surprised at the way people mess up with such a sweet language. It read:
" Two and three wheelers punctured here"
Not only chennaities but also people in northern parts of our country commit a lot of errors.

I have also got really funny anectodes of wrong English. Drop in your mail id in my comment box and I'll send them across.

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Friday, August 15, 2003

Early rising - Is it that tuff?
I got up only by 8a.m. Don't ever reckon me lazy as this is getting up late after nearly three days of early rising for my assessments. If only God ever appears before me and repays my faith in him by granting me a beautiful wish , the first word to pop out of my mouth would be 'God, I should always wake up before the sunrises' so that my mom kisses her daughter and pats my cheeks saying 'sweet girl'. What else on earth would be sweeter than that? But.....This happening can be my biggest dream.I have even tried people's suggestions like setting up a mental alarm and I bet nothing works with such a stubborn, sleeping beauty who finds the paradise only amidst her pillows.

Me and Independance day....
My morning breakfast should have been a spoon of saffron 'kesari', some white idly's and green bindi fry. Though this combi doesn't work out well, it would have expressed my patriotism. But unfortunately my mom wasn't that patriotic.She was able to prepare only two out of the three. I watched the review about the yet-to-release movie 'Boys'. It was quite good and I have plans of seeing it with my friends. Hope I get a chance to see it before it goes off the theatre. ya, we had even planned to see 'Darna mana hai' and we're planning till it went off the theatre.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

It happened at last...
Me along with my good gang of friends always keep planning of freaking out of the college somewhere or the other. But.......(I tell u there are a lots of if's and but's) I should only say God had enough mercy to send us out of the college together today. ya, I had to treat my friends at a very good hotel in Adyar today on account of my b'day celebrated some two months ago. Today was my friend Kaushi's b'day and we treated our friends together. It was total enjoyment at Sangeetha restaurant and even at the eliot's beach in Besant nagar. All six of us went together and went around playing and having fun and frolic. Anywayz thanx a lot gals for the wonderful gift.....That was really surprising!

What the hell is all this?
I am terribly irritated with the way the private tamil television channels (sunTV, raj celebrate the independance day). Oh, my Goodness! Not even a single programme in any channel about independance! such a pathetic situation wherein these programmes are not even indirectly connected with independance. And the television which telecasts it live has the least importance. If only these channels had talked about one leader every year we would have known about 56 leaders by now. If given a chance, I'm sure I would take my utmost effort to acheive all this.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The all-powerful mosquis...huh!
Chennai really sucks during this season b'cos of these irritating mosquitoes!I can call them mini-dragons spoiling our day successfully. As I started my preparation for my computer assessment tomorrow, one big mosquito sat on my hand and inserted it's long straw to suck my sweet blood. (probably b'cos coke and pepsi are banned now. else it would have gone in search of that!) My blood was no longer sweet. it started boiling and I became red with anger. My entire schedule gets collapsed b'cos of one small mosquito. Should I be ashamed of that? God! please send your guardian angels to save me!

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Long awaited reward!
the talk of our class today was our results. My results were kinda Okay.but i think i could have done it quite better. i thought i was too interested in journalism but unfortunately or quite opposite to this fact i have scored the least grade in this subject. i thought i was only okay in french but i have scored an 'S' grade (supposed to be the topmost grade in a subject) in that. so my conclusion after seeing my results is that my self analysis about myself have turned out to be totally wrong and this sem i'm planning to know my innerself perfectly.
At last........
another good news i have for myself is that the brochure designs, I've been working upon (i can rather call it trying...cos there isn't a bit of professionalism in it!) have been accepted and am called for the discussion on saturday. hope it becomes a success! Let's pray god and hope everything turns a bright face at me!
The radio - How far is it effective?
And in our classes, we were called by the director to view his satellite radio, a specimen rarely found in our place. he also gives a statistical data that only 40 people in our country own that. it was looking pretty compact but the sad plight behind it was that even that didn't have a broadcasting channel catering programmes in all formats. atleast let me hope all of us learn how to produce good and effective programmes for a very good and old forgotten medium resurrected to life once again.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I am presently reading a book of 'Arthur Conan Doyle' popularly known for his detective novels on Sherlock Holmes. It's named the Hound of Baskerville. It's damn interesting I say! I don't understand how people are able to build such good scripts with confusing plots and mysteries all around! As I resumed to reading, the first book I picked out was 'COMA', a medical thriller by Robin Cook. It was on the basis of my friend's advice. the result was loss of two nights' sleep.

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Friday, August 01, 2003

hey, whats happening.i land at this place after quite a long time expecting the dull orange and black sheet and whaddo i c? a beautiful page looking damn cute...amazing! If i stop blogging will so many changes take place. by chance.....( read chance!) i happened to visit my blog and there was the ultimate thing which pulled me back to blogging. I started typing my blog address and the automatic thing never worked out. its been a long time since i visited my blog that even the system forgot my id.

i was basically busy with some new projects i'd taken. i'm designing brochures and printed paper pamplets for an already existing medical firm.the job is kinda really interesting and the way people expect our creativity to be moulded ....none other than god knows. one other thing which forced me to blog was that i was able to see directly that there's an increase in the number of visitors these days. (hope i amn't boasting!)why cheat my visitors unnecessarily? so lakku is back to blogging.

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