Tuesday, July 27, 2004

whine time :'(

My second toe is in two pieces nearly! I thought i had taken off the side stand n pushed my vehicle back..jus for a second it pressed against my toe n thr is a deep cut now! the vehicle rested for a second on my toe..:(way back home, i had this cold feeling in my leg..n some watery feeling in my shoes.only after reaching home did i realise tht was blood :( ..Went to the doc and closely escaped without stitches:D but the cut is kinda deep! :'(

Good cricket, or not? All thanks to DD for telecasting! You made my sunday n today:D Nobody need to talk abt Dravid :...:(

Update: We won, yayyyy! one more match....one more thanks to DD!

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

A room which had a teddy bear doll, a blue toy, and some cute posters and cartoon stuck around now has a computer on a table, two speakers, a mobile phone, its' charger, the battery charger, UPS, the USB of the camera hangin down, a spike arrestor, a hair dryer n only gadgets! all these garnished with some CD's and floppy disks!Life has definitely changed!"Its not that we change as we grow, it is only that we become more ourselves!"--> But is this me?

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Only the good die young!
I have a very strong belief over this statement. I mite have understood it in the wrong sense, but I like it the way I understood it:)
We start our living as a kid ignorant of the happenings around us. We remain in the receiving end then, expecting everything from people around us. 
It’s only during youth that we gain the confidence, energy, economical status, which would favour, helping others the way we wish to.
Its only now that curiosity gets the better of us and we grow more and more inquisitive! And thereby remain the most knowledgeable ones ever. Adoration and pampering are at their utmost levels. We always have a giant wall around us. Coming out into the real world and association with other people means being cheated more and more, rendezvous with the wicked witches around and jumping into the clutter with eyes wide open. That may be adventurous…
What do we study for? To have a better tomorrow at workplace. What do we toil for? To earn a better living for tomorrow. What do we earn for? For chaos-less final days!
Ultimately life ends up in expectation of those final days. Now my stand is, if going through the ups and downs of life is only for enjoying these final days…why not enjoy it at the beginning and die off soon! The world seems to be a very dangerous place to live in and this would be the best possible method to enjoy life. When you know, your tomorrows are not all that weird, today will automatically be sweet! Dying at a young age is a gift.
Not that I am afraid of old age. But death, according to me is not an event, which occurs once. It is a sensation in the life of everybody around. Blessing need not always be the crude “aayushmaan bhava”(live long!)… It would mean something more powerful, something more empowering, had it been “Live a successful life!” no matter however short it is.
I like living a life, which would be of help to many others so that my death means something more than just a-minute of mourning and a
grievance over the loss of a living creature. These can be explained as the creators’ success but not mine. I have no personal say over these.
We start living the life given to us…and as we go on, we should start gaining a command over it. It becomes my life then and some good deeds can put me to the top position. Its better to leave the place, when at the top.
Putting an end to our own life, is such a cheap gesture! Be good, and I believe life would move smoothly. When it turns rugged, the good nature automatically saves you from the ruggedness.
Its one of the most selfish(est) posts here. Not many of you would agree with this, but It interests me so much! 

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Pizza time...turns gussa time!
It was one fine evening when i come home or rather I walk in with the intention of falling straight onto my bed for sometime. The little chubby(my brother) walks in with "will you be free after sleeping?" I shook my head in accord and asked wot he wanted. As usual he had a last minute due of an assignment and wanted some pictures to be printed out. I agreed to get them done. only then does he say, that he hasn't got the pictures yet. we sat together, googled, took some pictures on a disk and I went around Madras for nearly an hour in search of a colour printer. Not one had a colour cartridge! I was duh-ing at chennai's plight and on my way back I had to wait for nearly 15minutes for a funeral procession to pass-by! it is supposed to be a good omen..or thts wot I've seen people saying. it did work out in my case, I found a new browsing centre and i stepped in for a surprise. he had a colour cartridge..thanked my stars! got the print-outs and came back home...meanwhile he had finished all the writing work and before anybody at home came to know, we finished it! He ..okay ...liked me a lot today and went "how about ordering pizza today?:D"
"yes:D:D", but "I'll not ask:P, I got the print-outs!"
he went right to my mother "wotz for dinner?"
the very nxt reply "why? What do u want?"
she says "yes" and remember people, I never opened my mouth. he moves his coins in a far better way than I do.
I left the ordering bizness to him. he called up and ordered. usually its domino's and we have nothing much to choose as we keep alternating between the two paneer veggie toppings!
I was waiting with a watery mouth and a person frm 'pizza hut' comes and rings the bell. I opened the door, and saw him having an extra box than usual :-S
I couldn't stop yelling at him, he had gone for that 4-in-one pizza offer...which had horrible toppings! shit! and all for four scoops of ice-creams :(....how tricky? he knows I hate ice-creams and those pizzas tasted no better than the 'bajjis' i make! not even the taste of ordinary bajjis, the ones which i'd make! I really couldn't eat more than one:( and tht creature feasted over 2 pizzas and 2 full scoops of ice-creams.
The toppings had all that I'd not like to have especially on a pizza...it had onions, tomatoes and a bad thick base! *frowns* Why is it always with me?

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

atlast Madrasis or atleast dog-phobic people like me have something to be happy about. the court has taken some good measure abt controlling stray dogs!ufff.....yes! i am terribly afraid of dogs...be it stray ones or pet ones! they have made me go late to places...they drive me crazy:P
There was a dog which used to search my vehicle and lie near it, whenever I want to go somewhere. Not knowing a way to get rid of it, everyday, I'd come back home and take somebody along to shoo it away! The watchmen and security guards here are the stoooopidest people ever. They see me doing this everyday, but not one day have they come forward to help me out! After all, its no big deal..for them. To me, a dog is a demon!
I am the only member in my family against getting a pet dog. My mom and brother went till the extent of going to a pet shop (however u call it:P) and enquired about a pup of some breed (a rare one i guess). My brother tried consoling me in every possible way and my only reply was "Either I'll be in this house or that will live here. Nothing doing". I was/am/will be dead against that. Not a chance of me living in the same house...scary shit!
Its not that I don't wish to share my house with an animal or a pup, but not knowing how it would react to our actions, its really difficult adoring it! I was sad for my brother but I'd be sadder if it had come home!
had this step not been taken in Madras, i'd seriously have adopted the method Pranshu(note the link change;)) said:P
"once when i was goin in a delhi bus...two gals were talking...one gal got late reaching home everyday and was mad about dogs chasing her
The other gave a dumb idea, she said .. if u find a dog chasin ur vehicle .. spitt somewhere and the dog will stop there at once "

lollzzz...thts the funkiest idea anyone would ever get:P But as we analyse, this seems to be a better method than flinging stones or shooing them making funny noises!

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Monday, July 12, 2004

The evil syndrome!
I recently got an oppurtunity of talking to a lady who had a child with 'downe'syndrome'. I have heard a lot about this everywhere but don't really know the meaning. I wanted her to explain how such children were different from others. until i talked to her I thought it was a kind of disorder in the child's health and that prevents the child in being in the company of others. actually as she started explaining I understood this was not all that a medical procedure but more of a society's perception. when a child is not able to cope up with the present educational system, he or she is termed to be suffering from "down syndrome" and they are educated in a special stream with no good content which would help them earn their living as they grow up! This is what I'd call crap! where does the mistake lie? It should either be in the 'educational system' where the syllabus is framed considering only the 'so-called-bright-students' in mind! Or in the teaching side where they are used to lethargic drilling of wotever is printed on a book. in either way, these children are no less! Not being studious and not being bookish is not a crime! and for that if a child has to be put aloof.....if the child has to be told time and then that he suffers from a disorder and they cannot get along with other children of their age...it is pathetic! and after all this is not a disorder! the disorder lies in people who cannot frame an educational system to suit all children and the disorder lies in people who cannot teach anything in an interesting and appealing way!
when my neighbour came and said her son was put in such a school, the comment from my granny was the best! (though the punch is lost, i'll put it in english)"Mothers today are jobless! When we were young, our mothers had too much work to notice all these! we went to school along with hundred others! Why create a sense of inferiority complex within the child? put him in an ordinary school, he'll slowly start picking up skills!" The apt thing to say, isn't it?

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Thursday, July 08, 2004


Why the hell should a cold be called common cold? It has become so common with me now! I better divide my hollow head into partitions and make the cold virus my permanent tenant. With the cold, my already idle brain does nothing! anything i see seem to be floating, and my throat has this common croaking feel! i hate to hear whatever I speak, my voice is so horrible! *a pat on shoulder* to all those who listened to me and even me singing today. My nose is running enough to fetch a gold medal for India in the Olympics...achoooo! Suffering from any deadly disease is better than this :'(.... it becomes all the more horrible when i speak in between sneezes and others shoot the most horrible question ever "oh! are u suffering from cold?" and it would take me an hour to say "what do you think? am sneezing for timepass or wot?" but keeping in mind, the time required for this answer between sneezes i better say "yesh!"*of course with a smile that would make them feel contented* after all this anybody's jaws would drop down when he listens to the reason everybody here gives for my cold "you don't eat vegetables, thts y u r affected so often!" mommmy...pliss!
I'll better move off! already things on the monitor have obtained the fluid effect..it looks as though i'm typing something on water! and moreover therez a watchful eye which strongly feels my wasting too much time on the computer is bringing in bad health! these concepts..:)

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

A Junkie!
yapaang...opaang...yapaaaang....opaang....chapaaaang:D I was officially declared a 'junkie' today!
what else can you call somebody who had just ;) two cups of tea, a glass of juice, a pack of lays, some biscuits, eclairs chocolates then and there, a cup of milk shake *big breath* veggie puffs, some more cookies and i still have got my dinner time left:p which I'd preferably skip today!
this is why i avoid going or rather everybody avoid taking me to my relatives' places where they eat four times a day. My head would start spinning at the sight of a "BIG" glass of milk they offer! After continued pleading, I'll get somebody to drink that! I would be astounded to see them have a banana peacefully after the big milk procedure!
I was taken to our family doctor long back for 'curing' this. and the biggest bulb shone bright on their heads when she said quietly, "let her starve for a week! she'll automatically start eating whatever you give:D"

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

A dream holiday come true...hehe!
Two continuous days of holidays...okay! a real weekend after quite a long time! having a holiday is not a big deal, but using it for my convenience is a boon!
i had watching 'Lakshya' in my plans for today. that got cancelled early this morning! early morning in the sense some 8'o clock:P My mind was so obsessed with sleeping that the call made me happy!
I go sleep again...another call after some half an hour...says no work at college today in the evening! again some more time to sleep:D finally after enough of sleeping i got up at 9:30...
Another call asking me to come at 12 to some other place. after second thoughts, i didn't go there! my room was in a chaos n i had to clean it up today! we have some people coming here next week...n if i don't clean up today i would be roomless:P this is what they say about postponing deadlines till death!
I have one whole day left and some more parts of this day too:D luvly one:)
A real dream holiday come true:P

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