Sunday, September 28, 2003

"Pulli rajavukku AIDS varuma?"
This is the starring question put forth to all chennaites last month? Pulli raja is the blue-eyed boy in Chennai today. Goto any corner of the city you find a big yellow board with the verses "Pullirajavukku AIDS varuma?"---- Wots all this? Damn sure, this is not just fun as such a huge lump is wasted on advertising? I finally got the answer today.
This is the first step in an AIDS awareness programme taken by PSI (Population Services International, an NGO in Washington). He is an imaginary character who took the name of Palpeer basha in Mumbai and puliraja in Andhra. The second step of this ad would come very soon. A phone no would be given and you would be asked to call them up to know the answer of this stunning question. Courtesy India Today

P.S - I appreciate this method as an able advertising technique.

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Friday, September 26, 2003

An yummy B'day treat!
We 'the cleos', is a good set of girls, having some 8 of us and we always try to live as the most happiest girls ever. As life goes on like this, occasions come and go! As first year kids we had no other go rather than run to the canteen and treat our friends with sweet-meats and enjoy the day! But we are a bit older and even elder to our juniors! So with a bit more of maturity we, nowadays have started helping ourselves out in the nearby restaurants!Its real fun when we step out of the college together! Because such occasions are very rare and when we go out we enjoy to the core. The long and short of this is that yesterday and the day before were my friends' birthdays (naturally, not the same one) and together they took us for a treat to Hotel Sangeetha,Adyar. Somehow we've an unknown affinity towards this restaurant and every time due to unforeseen reasons we land up at this place. Though it is the same place everytime, we get to enjoy a lot.
Wishing them a very happy birthday!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

wot am I 2 write here! this weekend we're planning 2 go to Raj tv as part of our industrial visit. Our professor is really industrious in taking us there and also to the hindu. when he is that interested why should we spoil that.the problem is it is on saturday and our technical writing class is gone! I think we'll be attending one part of the class.

I've installed photoshop in my computer and also gotta book from british council library called 'Digital Effects'. a Luvly book! all the effects are explained clearly and in a crisp manner. every time I create an image in photoshop my joy has no bounds at all!

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Monday, September 22, 2003

Hands on training!
This term meant something real to me today. We got a chance to have our hands on the audio console, recording software and of course the microphones in our all new studio. It was real fun and I loved learning the operation of all those consoles. Actually it was a part of our practical exercise, but I don't think many get this chance in reality. Students are usually taught!(the worst way of learning an operation!) these operations and taken to a studio where all consoles would be showcased to them. And not even a single soul would be given a chance to operate, or for that matter even, touch a system. I should say we're really lucky to have all these facilities!

A cellular family!
I, in the sense, my family is planning to get a new connection for the newly bought cell phone. An instrument which has created waves in the entire city,and people who don't need it at all move around with a costly cellular phone in their hand. pls don't think I'm one among them. I haven't got it at all. The fault is only on my father's part, who sent it a couple of months back. A cell has to have a connection, so I'm trrying to get it connected with some good one! I feel airtel is good but I am not able to land up with something... so this goes on!

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Unfortunately the past couple of posts were posted when I was in total frustration with my assessments. I'm coming out of all those stuffs today!

Last evening I went to my nearest 'Anjaneya Temple' (And for those who don't know Anjaneya - He is believed to be the all-powerful God of Victory by the Hindus)He,I tell you,is more like my friend.Somehow, We don't maintain that God and Follower sort of relationship there. Not we, I don't maintain that. I kept on talking to him.(Not all those earthly affairs! It's all Godly!) As this went on for sometime, I was disturbed by somebody from behind. It was a mentally retarded (sorry! as I'm wrong) mentally challenged boy who wanted to go near the statue and touch that. The boy who was restless all the way turned calm and quiet the moment he entered the room.The way he prayed God, and did all Pooja left me dumb. I wasn't able to continue with my prayers. Who is God? Why do we pray him?We don't always thank him. But aren't we really gifted with loads by him? the answer is a big yes. So Let us all forget all our problems and be really happy and enjoy our short and sweet life! 'Brevity is the soul of wit' and so I feel 'Life is sweet only when it is short'. No pessimism in that friends...

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

I just read an article from a local magazine which was abt the slang used in modern days. it seems oxford dictionary is added with 3 new words recently. want to know the words
wanna (meaning want to)


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Saturday, September 13, 2003

hey! read today's hindu? if not jus flee and start reading! congrats on their 125th anniversary. what else can a poor admirer say???!!!?????!!!!

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Irritating! What is happening here? My Windows does not detect my modem.

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Friday, September 12, 2003

sorry I had been out of chennai for a couple of days. I really enjoyed the days I spent in Courtallam. It is a beautiful hill station located in the southern part of the state. A wonderful place to visit. Those monkeys there, the cool waterfalls, the evergreen plants and trees, mountains .......... and what else do we want. the long and short of it is that it was totally different from the busy city buzzzzzzzz. but... there lies a very big question mark. how long can we stay there. life is calm, peaceful.......and all that is necessary. but the people there say throughout the year they earn only for two or three months when the season is really good. how do people live throughout the year? they really earn a hard living. so, one thing, we ought to know is wherever we go, cities are the only places where we get to earn well and well....

wings of terrorism!
yesterday was the day when US was attacked a couple of years back. It can be called the onset of terrorism in the new era. nothing else!

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Sunday, September 07, 2003

the amazing birds - up above the world so high!
There was once a season when I used to dream that I were a bird! Not just amazed by their beauty or something but the way they fly blissfully. the way they float in the sky. But my god I was really domb struck when I sat open-mouthed seeing all those Sukhoi 30s and many other flights coming in line of three or nine or six. the way they twisted, whirled, jumped, dropped face down.........and what not created a beautiful aerial heart, a beautiful national flag.....I had to suffer hard to come out of those feelings and resume back to my work. The wing commanders had done a really wonderful job and i bet it would have inspired lots and lots of people join the air force!

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Friday, September 05, 2003

After such a lotta hype!
I watched 'BOYS' yesterday. The movie was very entertaining but for some bad stuffs which could have been chopped off. But people who've already seen the movie on the first and second days say that the movie was even worse then. though the movie didn't prove itself to be Shankar's product, and neither the story had sujatha's qualities the total movie somehow pins us to the seats. Munna, the one who plays the lead has really done a very good job and all others along with the cute Harini has done their best. Hats off to their team. They have pulled off a real great victory! Anybody who sees the movie would surely feel that there isn't any proper content but each and every scene is self explanatory! One thing which has uniformly attracted everybody is the camera tricks and animation done, which are the trademarks of shankar's movie!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

uhoooooo! I've got the tickets for the movie 'BOYS'. I'm seeing it on thursday. My long awaited wish is coming to life. me and my friend booked 8 tickets and I am b'coming more and more energetic and preparing myself for the movie!

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