Wednesday, March 31, 2004

the phenomenon called EXAMINATION!
some changes which occur automatically in me only during!
I always have some paper or book on my hand....not that i study always..but i intend to study in the near future(may be after some 24hrs:P)
I'm forced to come near the computer daily..for no purpose obviously!
I can't sit together n study for more than 15minutes....i'll sit n start studying after 5mins, I'll start walking n thus My eyes naturally peep into the tv...gracefully pick the remote control up...keep changing up in a beautiful song...and how can I stop seeing tht? thus goes 1hr :(
then if i'm left with no other option...turn the radio set on...and of course therez my radio mirchi waiting with a sweet song for me!
then my legs slip into the dining table hunting for any snack my fingers can pick n which can leqave my mouth pre-occupied!
one thing i've always noted is the increase in my hunger...i eat voraciously during exams! the funniest part is i skip my b/kfast, meals n all...but i keep on eating I-don't-know-wot?
my room is strewn with papers and books....atleast that should look studious nah:P
so....this is what is happening actually nowadays....hope to come out of this phenomenon soon you all know blogging amidst this busy schedule is definitely possible only by a scholar in time management:P

P.S: thank you all for wishing me luck...hope atleast u'r wishes make me write my exams well!

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Friday, March 19, 2004

on a li'l serious note....!
politics in india....especially tamilnadu has become child's play! I needn't tell u all that...its pretty obvious! first the two major parties had a cold fight between them....n i remember even today when (todays')CM was arrested long her personal belongings were exhibited to the public in almost all leading tamil channels. not tht I'm for this party or tht party or nething like that....its only how personal feelings weren't heeded by anybody! and when things turned upside down now, for the past few years not a chance of anything happening ethical in this whole scenario! its all crap and nonsense...tht even a child wouldn't respect the members after seeing their behaviour in the houses and meetings. if any of ever wish to see a comedy watch the live telecast from the legis.assembly. I think it comes everyday!!! its the whackiest stuff to be telecast live....somedays people banging their heads on tables and furniture and the other day its people lifting and throwing paper weights to hit each other! the simplest act would be walking out in glee!! there are umpteen activities to be taken care of by the govt. everytime the govt is asked to help people out the commonest of answers would be "govt is by the people and of the people" and why not u help yourselves out? with acute water shortage creeping in slowly...its high time they go in for some desalination project. but before desalination...the beach has to be cleaned:P one effective activity happening throughout the state in my view is the construction of too many bus-stands and destruction of most of the building around the beach!!
okay what made me think all this was.....:)........
as part of the ongoing election campaign there was this ridiculous poster says
" RISING SUN.....RISING SON.....RISING GRAND SON" with funny cartoon images of the party people!
is that all what we meant by DEMOCRACY?????????

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

the sickest time ever-with:((!!!
this is egg-jam nahi, exam time....n sure I'll come back after some 15 days wen I'll b free frm my exams but only some internship projects to work on...hope all of u keep doin well....wish me luck.....don't ever forget to pray for my doing-well in exams....pls! will sure miss all u'r blogs n all u'r comments...will try to peep online sometime :P
the happiest time ever with:))!!!
cricket matches r going on great.......I guess it is not the match or the game as such which interests me.....but the real spirit of the game....the team as such, the indianism:)) the feeling of oneness with the players.....n of course dravid playing his steady game...... its not just a game....a real sensation which leaves me happy at the end! as on date I'm like eat cricket and sleep cricket.......but very soon its gonna be eat, sleep n slog only with exams! more than exams its only the preparation tht really gets on to my nerves!!! photocopying a big bundle frm I-don't-know-where.....:P.....everytime I read frm a library book which is either too technical or too boring.....I'd feel like meeting the good soul which took enormous pains to compose everything by bringing all his grey cells together!!! but for RKnarayan n wodehouse I'ven't been carried away by neother writer....not tht they r bad.....I like this down-to-earth level of writing.....n moreover explaining nothing interestingly for sometime!!! thts one great art I should drifting frm the topic like my last post!!! I'd look like a real printer photocopying,bundling,stapling......but of course not reading them:P

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

drifting reading that very difficult...I'm sorry!
the climate here sucks great time.....with cold mornings and horrid hot boiling afnoons...oh my god! you may think how I(a very early riser!!!) would know the morning temperature. but off late 'cos of this radio n my helluva assessments...I'd been up as early as 4:30..wot say! also coming back from the college means the time is way behind 7pm.coming to the happier sem is gonna end very soon leaving me a full 2 and a half months at home...that means something else to me....I'll have to go on an internship somewhere..... gawd! that also means my poor blog thingy would be fed daily *hopefully*...leave alone all that and todays' happiness....wish u all a very colourful n dotty holi!!!!! but for me holi is not today, 'cos of my dept culturals..n things like that! hope we all have a rocking holi holi today 'cos of the gals of our dept! if only I knew wearing a saree can cause so much of chaos...n it was that big a problem at college yesterday!you may all think I wore a saree n that resulted in a problem....but the thing is I didn't wear when all the *pretty women* of our class wanted to!dat caused a dhamm...dhooom sort of confusion and so much of arguments....what bloody thing...dressing is my personal interest and I would do it as I like..I didn't find any basic reason behind being clad in formals for a rocking cultural programme...not that I'm uncultured or against wearing saree...blah..blah! as everybody put it....can anybody gimme the reason....a real good reason?
had an appointment with the dentist a few days getting ready to hit the sacks tonight....probably this rendezvous with the dentist would be my nxt post!

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